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John F. Kennedy Jr.

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Logo of telegram channel jfk_q17 — John F. Kennedy Jr.
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If You Know You Know
God Bless America

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2024-02-29 22:13:01
These are not predictions, they are telling you what they're doing.
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2024-02-29 00:12:01
Instant noodles are one of the kids favorite foods and your rescue meal plan when there’s nothing available that you can cook in no time, but since these instant noodles are made to bear a longer shelf life, they are highly processed!

Using a pill sized camera, Dr. Kuo took us inside a stomach and digestive tract to show what happens after you eat ramen noodles. The results showed that even after 4 hours, the noodles are intact.

The main preservative in Instant noodles is Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ). According to FDA it can cause sickness, weaken organs if eaten in routine over a long period of time and increase the risk of tumors and cancers.

TBHQ is used in perfumes, too and cheap processed foods, such as microwave popcorn, poptarts etc. Apart from TBHQ, Propylene Glycol is used in Instant noodles to maintain their texture even when cooked in hot water. The same product is used in tobacco industry.
17.9K views21:12
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2024-02-28 00:11:02
Roseanne Barr on the Black Eye Club and celebrities covering one eye in photos
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2024-02-27 00:10:20
When Smithers actually refuses an order you know it’s serious.

This was originally aired 1994, from season 6 episode 25: Who Shot Mr. Burns.
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2024-02-26 00:10:20
The Nike has dropped a new commercial which begins in a high-tech research center also known as CERN.

In this commercial, two scientists are debating who is the best football player, and one of them comes to idea to use the advanced particle colider, which is just lying around, to open the portal and settle this argument.

Many of us have already been speculating that the Cern Hadron Colider was actually an attempt to recreate the ancient "Star Gates" which served as portals.

Is this commercial just the part of predictive programing?

Should we all be conCERNed?

You decide

Join us in our mission to spread awareness and truth by becoming a valued member of our community.
12.7K views21:10
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2024-02-25 00:09:01
They are developing plant-based 'vaccines' intended to be seamlessly integrated into the food supply, all without the public's awareness.

Guess which billionaire philanthropist was buying more farmland in the US than anyone else?
13.9K views21:09
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2024-02-24 04:20:07 Attention and a public calling for all patriots and freedom fighters!!!

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Shadow of Ezra
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2024-02-24 00:09:01
I have spoken about this before and now they are even admitting that drinking water supplies are contaminated by vast array of drugs

If we’re taking it, we’re also drinking it: painkillers, blood thinners, hormones, chemotherapy agents, even cocaine and amphetamines.

Whatever goes into us, also comes out of us, through our own biological effluent, every time we flush the toilet. The excreted drugs pass right through most sewage treatment processes and end up in rivers and lakes, and then in our drinking water because most treatment plants do not filter out pharmaceuticals.

The issue of drugs in the drinking water first made headlines more than a decade ago, and some people were shocked to learn that the drugs they swallowed didn’t magically disappear.

The immediate concern was for fish swimming in this pharmaceutical soup. And over the last decade, scientists have proven the drugs are creating "intersex" fish, with males developing eggs in their testes.
13.4K views21:09
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2024-02-23 00:55:20
Swiss cardiologist calls for the abolishment of the WHO.

"Enough is enough
20.6K views21:55
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2024-02-20 23:40:21
BREAKING: Donald Trump just leaked a video exposing Barrack Obama practicing SATANIC SACRIFICING RITUALS with other GAY men and CERTIFIED PEDOPHILES like OPRAH, ClLINTON and many MORE!


WATCH the video NOW only on Donald Trump’s PRIVATE TELEGRAM CHANNEL, you need to HURRY UP! You have less than 24 hours left before the video gets CENSORED by TELEGRAM

18.6K views20:40
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