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Logo of telegram channel kmpny — Kompany
Logo of telegram channel kmpny — Kompany
Channel address: @kmpny
Categories: Design
Language: English
Country: Russia
Subscribers: 111
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Data visualization, data art and creative coding. Contact @ivan_dianov to share feedback or to hire us!

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2020-12-26 20:08:59
The round calendar for 2021 is ready now!

Get your free A1 PDF for printing or order a printed version at
359 views17:08
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2020-09-28 18:25:51 I've made a chat on creative coding and generative art. You are welcome! I'm ready to answer any questions or even schedule a workshop ;–)
506 viewsedited  15:25
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2020-07-13 23:11:28
I really tried to learn Matplotlib, but every single matplotlibbing ends up on Stackoverflow.

So I believe that sooner or later this cheat sheet will come in handy.
4.0K views20:11
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2020-07-09 10:16:25
Word of the day bot

I launched a channel @mw_wod that carries the english words of the day from Meriam Webster.

You can either read the description right in the channel or click the link. It will take you to the MW website, where you can find out the origin of the word and examples of its use.
551 views07:16
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2020-06-13 22:28:03
Experimenting with cellular automata in irregular grid
468 views19:28
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2020-06-04 01:21:10
The plotting process is really satisfying!
836 views22:21
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2020-06-04 01:20:31
Duncan Geere and I keep experimenting with generative calligraphy and AxiDraw. Everything is better on paper! The most recent piece we've done is spiral text of The Old Man and the Sea.

Be sure to subscribe to Duncan's #Plottervision project on Youtube!
777 views22:20
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2020-06-03 18:28:55
What time is it? Generative calligraphy time!
Play with code here:
887 views15:28
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2020-05-28 11:19:00
There is a way to convert an array of points into a spline, it helps to create any shape such as letters or spirals. And you do not need to take care of these bezier handles!
334 viewsedited  08:19
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2020-05-26 15:44:30
Duncan Geere from Sweden plotted this piece with AxiDraw. Everything looks better on paper!

318 views12:44
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