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Experimental fork of Telegram Desktop by @EricKotato.
GitHub: https://github.com/kotatogram/kotatogram-desktop
Russian channel: @kotatogram_ru
#WindowsInstaller #Windows #Linux64 #AppImage #macOS

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The latest Messages

2022-03-09 00:18:00 New version is out!
1.4.9 (TD 3.5.2)

• Internal rework of Kotatogram Settings.
• Restart to save settings now can be delayed.
• Select time when jumping to date in chat.
• Experimental settings from Telegram Desktop now are always shown.
• Name icon colors are now same as name colors.
• Fixed profile picture cropping in native Windows notifications.
• "Emoji panel by hover" option replaced by default one.
• "Show profile" as first menu item option.
• New macOS icon (by gershik).

Changes by blank-x
• Go to chat on Shift+Enter in Forward window.
• Warning when forwarding quiz unquoted.
• "Copy callback data" menu item now shown on callback buttons only.
• Fixed useless message author name trimming when it has an icon.
• Fixed tg://user?id links for 64-bit IDs.
• Fixed useless "Mention user" menu item for channels.
• Fixed profile picture rounding in invite link window and calls window.
• Fixed filters in folders by administrator rights.

Important: I'm suspending development of Kotatogram. More about that and full change log can also be read on site:
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2022-03-09 00:17:45 #Linux
2.9K views21:17
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2021-12-31 20:11:43 New version is out!
1.4.8 (TD 3.3)

This release is unexpected, but important because of severe crash in Saved Messages. If you haven't caught it, you're in luck, but it's better to update anyway.

Better font settings. Thanks to the @Shlyupa's work, there is now a full list of fonts after an each font name field, and also there is a slider to change font size. Earlier font size could be changed only through JSON settings. I've only added a "+" before non-negative numbers to give you a hint that font size is relative.

• Fixed severe crash in Saved Messages.
• Fixed non-clickable part of message author name if there an icon near it.

Change log can also be read on site:
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2021-12-31 20:11:43 #WindowsInstaller
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2021-12-31 14:11:57 New version is out!
1.4.7 (TD 3.3)

Last release in this year which is needed because who knows what happen if stable branch won't receive update until January 1. Luckily, the "make it before January 1" thing is not the only point of the release: new features are also in stock.

Changes since last beta version
• Instead of removing window size restiction minimum window size was changed. It solves the same problem, but at least window is not breaking until the point it's not usable.
• Ability to switch accounts by hotkeys.
• Added icon near the author name in message.
• Message about unsupported mode is now shown when opening animated profile picture in picture-in-picture mode. Implementing PiP for animated profile pictures is hard, but leaving the crash as-is is a bad idea, so it's disabled there until better days.

Fixes since last beta version
• Fixed ranks in admin list.
• Fixed automatic downloading of media files in 32-bit Windows version.

Full change log since the stable version can be read on site:
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2021-12-31 14:11:57 #Linux
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2021-12-18 23:12:22 New beta is out!
1.4.6 (TD 3.3)

With this version starts the support of sponsored messages from Telegram. I'll remind that it's necessary change because without support of these messages the app is at risk of disabling via API ID. Also all previous version have lost the ability to open the channels with content forwarding and saving restriction enabled. This version supports these channels with support for this restriction.

This version has some known bugs, and there was no time to fix them since there is a need to release as soon as possible. Maybe there will be found the other bugs in beta. But there not just new sources and new bugs: contributors also have added some new features that you may like.

• Ability to disable remembering image compression when sending. Added by contributor.
• Custom auto-replaces now work without emoji replacement enabled. Added by contributor.
• Removed window size restriction. Added by contributor.

• Fixed tg:// link protocol in system. It must solve browser links problems.
• Fixed "External video player" option.

Known bugs:
• Crash when opening animated profile picture in picture-in-picture mode.
• Automatic downloading of media doesn't work. Noticed on 32-bit Windows version, 64-bit Windows version works fine.

Full change log can be read on site:
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2021-12-18 23:12:22 #Linux
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2021-12-04 15:34:44 New version is out!
1.4.5 (TD 3.1.1)

This version is not much different from 1.4.4, apart from some bug fixes and moving to stable branch. Stable branch, besides existing crash because of chats with 1 month auto-deletion, now have new problem. Users can't login in this version anymore, and on the top of that there are constant messages that insist on updating.

Fixes since latest beta version
• Fixed caption sending modes in unquoted forward. Fixed by user.
• Fixed "Qt scaling" option. Fixed by @Shlyupa.
• Removed duplicate of GIF button in shared media.
• Fixed animated emoji size.
• Fix custom font size scale. Fixed by @Shlyupa.

Where is the macOS version?
It hasn't built because of a build process error, so it's postponed for now. It will appear as soon as it's fixed. I'll remind that macOS versions are very experimental since neither me nor @Shlyupa who helped to make them, don't have any macOS device, so we're practically blind when it's needed to build them or debug them.

Full change log since the stable version can be read on site:
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2021-12-04 15:34:44 #Linux
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