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Experimental fork of Telegram Desktop by @RadRussianRus.

GitHub: https://github.com/kotatogram/kotatogram-desktop
Russian channel: @kotatogram_ru

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2020-09-09 09:56:20 New beta is out!
1.3.9 (TD 2.3.2)

This version was delayed too long, and, sadly, it's beta again, since there is need to test some changes from original app. But for those of you, who doesn't get scared of betas: TDesktop are updated to 2.3.2, which means video call support, scheduled messages improvements, and more. But since this version is more than source update, I'll tell you about new features that it brings.

Big features teasered earlier
Unquoted forward. Now you can forward messages without author. Currently forward settings are stored until app restart. Also bug with forwarding albums has been promoted to "regroup" feature. Optional, of course. You can find these options by clicking three dots in forward window.
Local folders. If you want additional filters or additional folders (or pins, maybe), this is for you. You can create them where you're creating cloud folders: Settings > Folder, or tg://settings/folders.

Other features
Option to set your own API ID and hash. There are two ways to do that: use environment variables (KTGDESKTOP_API_ID and KTGDESKTOP_API_HASH) or start parameters (-api-id ВАШ_ID and -api-hash ВАШ_HASH). Since default way is environment variables, you can use -no-env-api start parameter to forcibly use bundled or your credentials. Environment variables way has been brought by @IlyaFedin.
Reworked administrators information. Now admin list shows rank and last seen status, and information about them shows who promoted to admin.
Mention user from context menu of member list. Also it works in admin list: you can easily notify administrator about the need to clean the group.
Improved keyboard navigation in calendar. Arrow keys are now used to select the day, and month now can be selected with Page Up and Page Down. Also End allows you to go to the last date. And no, this is not equals to "go to the last message".
Improved setting time in scheduled message sending window. Now you can change time by mouse on hover, but also with up and down arrows. Also day is now automatically changes on overflow. You can also hold Ctrl or Shift to scroll time faster.
Pinning a message is now without sound by default. Faulty mute pinned message can be re-pinned with sound without any additional complains, contrary to pinned message with sound.

Other changes
Since I have a limit on symbols per message, here's the summary of other changes:
Ctrl+J to select the date in a chat.
• Polls with multiple answers now use square checkboxes.
• Improved groups info in chat lists (primarily when adding to folder).
• Option to open emoji panel by RMB when hover is disabled.
• Improved color search in theme editor.
• Ability to change colors of chat header separately from TDesktop theme (see ktg colors).
• New icon of deleted user, that was taken from official Android app.
• "All Chats" and "Edit" folder buttons can be hidden from their context menu.
• Recent sticker can be deleted by button on hover, not just from its context menu.
• Kotatogram icon in settings is now outlined which is more fitting with style of other icons.

• "Go to chat on click" now works with Enter.
• Esc in forward window will clear search field on first press, and close the window on second press.
• Fast Share (arrow near post in channel) now works as forward.
• Some fixes for image rounding that are depend on profile picture rounding.
• Restrictions when sending GIFs now work correctly.
• "Emoji panel on hover" in Scheduled messages now works correctly.
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2020-09-09 09:56:20 #macOS


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2020-09-09 09:56:20 #AppImage


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2020-09-09 09:56:20 #Windows


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2020-09-09 09:56:20 #WindowsInstaller


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2020-08-14 19:30:02
Picture 1 from Kotatogram 2020-08-14 19:30:02
And here is a little screenshot as teaser.
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2020-08-14 19:30:02 So, the feature which is reason to delaying release because I thought that it would be easy to make, is...

Local folders
Folders in Telegram were made not long ago, but, of course, they were made with limits, and there aren't enough filters. For example, I've been asked about hiding chats from main list, if they are in folder. Now something similar could be done with local folders.

What is ready at this moment
• New exception types: admin/owner rights (has/hasn't), folder from other chats, not opened in session.
• Discarding limit for name length. You now can write "My unread chats" fully.
• Of course, there is no limit for local folders. Until you hit technical limit, of course, but will you really create 2,147,483,647 folders?

Editing folders from context menu is ready, but it's need to deal with correct order changing, saving from Settings menu (more specifically, show changes after save) and check if it works correctly when changing cloud folders.

Also I think to check if I can to discard chats limit in folder and pinned chats limit. And I'd like to add more icons, because last time I failed.

Why it seemed easy to make for me
I've ran a little test, adding data of another folder to function that receives folders from Telegram servers. And it's worked, folder not just existed in list, but worked like the others. Even exceptions were added pretty quickly. Problem has arised when I've started to convert it to option. And currently I'm on this stage.

I hope that I'll release stable version as soon as possible.
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2020-08-14 18:30:24 I know everyone waits for an update, but this post is not about it. Well, almost. I decided to answer to one frequently asked question.

When new release?
Soon™️. On a serious note, there are two factors:
• Burdened with work;
• Started to make feature that initially seemed easy to do. I'll tell about it in the next post.

Also don't forget: Kotatogram is developed when I have time and desire. Nevertheless, I'm not planning to abandon it since I use it myself. But I'll be honest: I overdone and delayed it this time, and it's better to not do like that next time.

P.S. If you're waiting for unquoted forwarding: it's ready except for two moments, and will be shipped in the next version.
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2020-07-15 18:10:22
Picture 1 from Kotatogram 2020-07-15 18:10:22
Teasing a new feature. I'm planning to make it before stable TDesktop release, but I'm not sure on how fast I'll get this done.
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2020-07-10 16:58:45 New beta is out!
1.3.8 (TD 2.1.18)

Most of this beta consist of new forward window changes (or, more specifically, mulit-forward). I've tried to add some things that were could be missed from old window. So, here are the changes:

One-click forward to Saved Messages. If you want to select it as one of the chats to forward, just hold Ctrl when clicking on it.
"Go to chat" button appears if there is only one chat selected in forward window. Works just like choosing a chat in old forward window.
"Open chat by click" option. Just in case if you need to forward to one chat most of the time. Enables old behavior, where chat was opened after selecting it. Even if this option enabled, you can still select multiple chats by holding Ctrl.
"Retain selection after forward" option. It was a default feature in previous version, but since it partially behaves like a bug, I've made it optional.

Aside from forward, this version has two more interesting things:
• Removed account name in notification, if notification is from currently active account.
• Possibly fixed hard-to-catch crash by click "Permissions" in profile.

Also Kotatogram has two more new translations:
• Turkish (by @disk3).
• Polish (by @Sebek).

By the way, I've made a channel where I notify about new strings for Kotatogram translation: t.me/kotatolangs. Also I've mad a chat where you can discuss Kotatogram translations (preferably on English): t.me/kotatolangs_chat.
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2020-07-10 16:58:45 #macOS


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