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2021-02-23 00:08:12 I know many have been waiting on me to comment about the actions (or inaction) by the U.S. Supreme Court today in the 2020 election cases.

I will not mince words, We The People who seek honest elections conducted under the rule of law lost. The enemy won.

Having spoken that truth, the Dissenting Opinion of Justice Clarence Thomas validates and confirms that the lawsuits pursued by Sidney Powell and me were based on legitimate issues of law. All accusations and proceedings seeking to penalize or “discipline” Sidney and me should be terminated as we raised important issues in those case recognized by Justice Thomas. I agree with his Dissent. His rationale in the Pennsylvania is directly on point with my Georgia case and Sidney’s cases in Michigan and Wisconsin.

But this legal battle is not about Sidney and me. It is about you and your right to rely on the rule of law, especially on the bedrock principle that we must have honest and legal elections.

I remain very concerned about the breakdown of the rule of law in our country.

I will not quit. As I have done in the past, so I will continue to do in the future. I will continued to exercise my right of free speech and my right to take lawful actions in courts and/or administrative proceedings to recognize and re-establish the rule of law in America.

Thank you for your support. Stay strong. Keep hope alive.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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2021-02-22 03:43:04 Even CNN knows about deep fakes. CNN is a deep fake of a propaganda tool appearing to be a news organization.

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2021-02-22 03:34:28 Check out the Queen. Or maybe not the Queen.

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2021-02-22 02:48:42 By the Way, I do not actually intend to “rip” the enemy to shreds. God already fought that battle for me and God won. While I am pretty good in the courtroom, God is much better. In fact, God is perfect. Ask Jesus Christ. He knows. 🙏
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2021-02-22 02:45:38
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2021-02-22 01:05:16 Okay. You know me and my propensity for speaking truth. Here comes some more truth about me.

In August of 1976 (I think that is the correct date), I was about to enter my 3rd year of law school.

I attended the American Bar Association annual meeting in Atlanta. I attended a number of ABA functions on the last day and partook of the booze the ABA was serving for free. Too many ABA functions and too much ABA free booze!

Driving back to my home in Macon, GA that night, I got pulled and was charged with DUI. I was guilty but a deal was struck at the Bulldog Booster Club meeting and the DUI charge was dismissed by the prosecutor. I apparently had more “pull” as a law student than I have now after 43 years of being a lawyer!

But I did have to spend the night in jail waiting to get bonded out. Not a fun learning experience.

I have never been charged with DUI since that incident and I have not touched a drop of alcohol of any kind in the last 8 years. I thank God that he took away the desire and taste. I made up my mind to quit drinking and I did so without any counseling. Again, thank you, God.

My point in telling this truth is how many practicing lawyers in the State of Georgia have pled guilty or been convicted of DUI one or more times?

The Bar rule about mental health examinations covers “addiction.” How many of the guilty DUI lawyers in GA has the State Bar demanded submit to a mental health examination? Another good question for Paula Frederick at the State Bar.

I think a lawyer driving drunk poses a more serious threat to the public than a lawyer posting messages on social media in the evenings after work from the confines of his or her private home?

Do you agree or is it just me?

It is pretty clear why the GA State Bar is trying to crucify me, isn’t it? It is spelled K-E-M-P, C-O-X, M-E-R-C-E-R, and T-R-U-M-P.

I rest my case. That is until i show up in Atlanta and rip the State Bar of Georgia to shreds in a courtroom.

Check my record.
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2021-02-22 00:42:07 One of the State Bar of Georgia’s grievances against me arises out of the filing of a lawsuit against the GA Secretary of State contending that his consent agreement with the Democrat party violated the GA state election statute and the changes were not approved of adopted by the GA legislature. That case presently pends before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Bar (just like the agenda-driven judge in Delaware) is saying I violated disciplinary rules for filing the complaint because it was dismissed for failure to state a claim. Actually, it was dismissed by the trial court in an erroneous ruling that a voter did not have standing to sue for a violation of the one man-one vote rule or for a violation of the voter’s right to equal protection of law.

Figure that one out! A right to vote that a voter cannot enforce???

But wait there is more!

I was the PLAINTIFF in that lawsuit and Atlanta lawyer Ray Smith represented me! Has the State Bar filed a grievance against my lawyer who represented me in the proceedings of a tribunal??? Any guesses? Maybe someone can ask the GA State Bar for the answer!

Wow. Man oh man. The GA State Bar is going to be sooooo busy investigating every lawyer in GA who has been a party to any lawsuit! That will be way up there in the thousands!

I just bet the GA State Bar is going to have to impose a major increase in Bar dues to cover the massive costs of the grievance investigations and hearings (my hearing could take 2-3 weeks as I expect to have a large number of witnesses!). I wonder how the lawyers in GA are going to like that financial hit, especially the lawyers who voted for and still support President Trump?
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2021-02-21 23:48:32 I remember well when my friend Bruce Harvey, an aggressive, skilled and hugely successful high-profile criminal defense lawyer jumped on counsel table during a jury trial and performed a strip-tease dance! It was during the Gold Club trial.

Now that was conduct in representing a client in a proceeding of a tribunal!!!

I need to check with Paula J. Frederick and Christian Joseph Steinmetz III of the State Bar of Georgia to see how my buddy Bruce did on the mental health exam ordered by the GA State Bar.

Wait! No such exam was demanded of Bruce!

What does that tell you?

Asking for a friend.
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2021-02-21 23:40:16 The State Bar of Georgia is accusing me of violating the Rules of Professional Conduct based on unproven allegations in a pending civil lawsuit over a fee dispute with lawyers who formerly shared office space with me - Nicole J. Wade, Jonathan D. Grunberg, & G. Taylor Wilson presently members of the Atlanta law from of Wade, Grunberg, & Wilson, LLC.

Wow! Can you imagine ALL of the grievance complaints the GA State Bar will have to file and pursue if they do a search of the pleadings in the thousands of divorce cases filed by or against lawyers in Georgia?

And here I was previously reading the Bar rules which state they only apply to conduct of a lawyer in connection with representing a client in proceedings of a tribunal (query: are Twitter and Parler “tribunals?”

Silly me.

I must have missed the latest revision of the rules written to falsely manufacture grievances against me! Can anyone locate and send me the November 3, 2020 update?

Live and learn . . .
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2021-02-21 23:15:59 Don’t worry that I might get in more trouble with the State Bar of Georgia by making fun of Joey “Bribes” Biden and Pelosi with my deep fake video and body double comments. Any false and silly charges the Bar might make arising out of those lawful expressions of my right of free speech would be more substantive than the nonsensical mud the Bar is presently throwing at me.

In fact, on closer review of the agenda-driven “grievance” complaint filed against me, I am thinking that the committee members of the State Bar have been spending too much time at the Local Bar in recent days!

Maybe the committee members should undergo mental health examinations for addiction to alcohol and/or power.

Suggestions courtesy of a friend . . .
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2021-02-21 22:43:16 There are rumors that Pelosi will appoint former Chief Justice Earl Warren as head of a January 6 Honesty Commission to study Antifa’s role in the incident. Chief Justice Warren, currently deceased, will be appearing via deep fake videos and body doubles with really good masks!
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