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Banned from Twitter since 2018. Pizzagate is real. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🐸🙏🏻

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2021-08-06 07:35:43 https://t.me/stormypatriotjoe21/4145
5.3K viewsLiz Crokin, 04:35
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2021-08-06 07:17:05
Ten years ago, Bill Hemmer gave an over-the-top softball interview to Daniel Pye. Hemmer states that despite being imprisoned in a Haitian jail, he was “only trying to do good work”. Well, in 2017 he was arrested under Trump’s DOJ for setting up an orphanage in Haiti for the sole purpose of molesting children. The MSM — especially Fox News cough, cough Megyn Kelly — has gone out of their way to protect pedophiles & child sex traffickers. Try to get through Hemmer’s interview without puking. Watch here:

5.3K viewsLiz Crokin, edited  04:17
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2021-08-06 06:58:37 Flashback: DOJ plane lands in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2018 — home of the Clinton Foundation — & a ton of evidence including boxes & documents are loaded on the plane.

6.1K viewsLiz Crokin, 03:58
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2021-08-06 06:55:22 https://t.me/WeTheMedia/28715
5.6K viewsLiz Crokin, 03:55
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2021-08-06 06:55:01 https://t.me/stormypatriotjoe21/4238
5.5K viewsLiz Crokin, 03:55
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2021-08-06 06:50:34 https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/08/conspiracy-theory-aborted-babies-organ-harvesting-leads-true-government-funded/
6.1K viewsLiz Crokin, 03:50
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2021-08-06 01:23:19
14.8K viewsLiz Crokin, 22:23
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2021-08-05 10:32:16 The majority of charities, government institutions & global organizations to combat child sex trafficking are not only frauds, most are fronts for actual child sex trafficking. Re: Clinton Foundation, NCMEC, the UN, UNICEF, CPS, the McCain Institute…it never ends.
2.7K viewsLiz Crokin, 07:32
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2021-08-05 10:11:40
Flashback: My report on President Trump’s fight against child sex trafficking. My Instagram & YouTube pages got taken down shortly after I posted this report.
10.5K viewsLiz Crokin, 07:11
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2021-08-05 08:51:14
19.1K viewsLiz Crokin, edited  05:51
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