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2021-11-16 21:00:06
Meadows Refuses to Cooperate With Jan. 6 Committee as House Panel Files Contempt Threat

Mark Meadows, one of the four White House Chiefs of Staff under former US President Donald Trump, has informed the House January 6 committee that he won’t cooperate until courts rule on Trump’s claim that he is protected by executive privilege.

The Biden administration has stated that it does not believe executive privilege protects those who are being investigated under the purview of the January 6 Capitol riot. The administration has further indicated that Trump has asserted those privileges.

According to the Cornell Law School, “Executive privilege is the power of the president and other officials in the executive branch to withhold certain forms of confidential communication from the courts and the legislative branch.”

Shortly after Meadows made it known that he would not be cooperating with the House panel, congressional lawmakers issued a notice threatening to hold Meadows in contempt of Congress.
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2021-11-16 17:00:04
Death Toll From Astroworld Festival Jumps to Nine After 22-Year-Old Succumbs to Injuries

A lawyer for the family of Bharti Shahani confirmed on Thursday that the 22-year-old college student had died late on Wednesday night as a result of "horrific injuries" sustained at the concert. She had been hospitalized after and placed on life support.

Shahani is the ninth person to die due to the crush of a massive crowd of 50,000 during a set by rapper Travis Scott at the Houston festival on the night of November 5.

The Houston-born rapper has since offered to cover the funeral costs of those who died because of the stampede. After news of Shahani's death broke on Thursday, he urged in a statement that victims of the tragedy should "directly'" contact him for help through a dedicated email address.
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2021-11-15 21:33:00
White House Unveils New Effort to Address US Troops' Exposure to Toxic Substances

Biden's White House commemorated Veterans Day in the US by announcing that the government intends to enhance its support of American troops exposed to contaminants and environmental hazards during their service.

Per the Thursday memo, service members exposed to burn pits and other hazardous environments may be eligible for a series of disability claims, including asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been processing such claims since August. Additionally, a new presumptive model has been adopted, allowing the VA to compile a database of veterans who may have been exposed to harmful substances while on duty.

The Biden administration is also seeking to lessen the number of suicides among US veterans, who make up 7.9% of the country's population, but account for approximately 13.5% of suicides in the nation.
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2021-11-15 20:33:07
My buddy came up with the idea of placing food on square plates...

... and sold that thought for $160,000 as a startup!!!

He is a brilliant entrepreneur, so I advised him to start a Telegram channel about it - @startups_tg

- Why marketers sent backpackers into outer space.

- Review of ingenious, failed and just ridiculous startups.

- What can be created as soon as tomorrow and with no investment?

New generation perspective - @startups_tg
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2021-11-15 17:00:09
‘Rust’ Film Crew Member Sues Actor Baldwin, Others Over Fatal Shooting

The chief lighting technician for the movie “Rust” is suing actor Alec Baldwin and others involved with the shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza on the film set for negligence that caused emotional distress.

Baldwin, assistant director Dave Hall, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the Rust Movie Productions LLC and others are listed as defendants in the suit and are accused of negligence that caused emotional distress to chief lighting technician Serge Svetnoy as a result of the shooting.

Svetnoy was present during the shooting, which left Hutchins dead and Souza seriously wounded by a live round accidentally fired by Baldwin, and held Hutchins as she succumbed to the gunshot wound, the court filing said.

Svetnoy is seeking compensatory, general, special, exemplary and punitive damages against the defendants and is demanding a trial by jury, the court filing said.
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2021-11-14 21:00:05
Pentagon to Launch 'Zero Trust' Cybersecurity Office in December Due to SolarWinds Attack

Zero trust assumes that there is no trust between networks, devices, or users, and therefore necessitates constant, real-time verification of data accessing users. It is a shift from perimeter-based security, in which an intruder can typically travel freely within a network once they've gained access.

US media reported last month that the hackers behind the SolarWinds intrusion attempted to access US government networks, as well as European government networks.

Pentagon believes that "zero trust is the only solution out there right now that gives us a fighting chance on detecting these folks that may have a foothold on our network or this anomalous software that we’ve allowed in."
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2021-11-14 17:00:06
Elon Musk Sells $1.1Bln in Tesla Stock to Cover Tax Obligations

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sold $1.1 billion worth of shares to satisfy tax related obligations, following a Twitter poll on whether he should sell off 10 percent of his holdings to pay a proposed “billionaire's tax,” setting off worries that such a sale could hurt Tesla's share price.

Musk turned to Twitter Saturday, and phrased his poll as a tax question, telling followers that “much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock.”

According to a regulatory filing from the company late Wednesday, Musk made the sale as he exercised stock options the same day to acquire more than 2 million shares.
Those shares would have been valued at more than $2.3 billion at the market’s close on Wednesday.

Tesla recovered 4.3 percent to $1,067.95 in Wednesday’s trading session after shares dropped sharply over the Twitter poll.
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2021-11-13 21:00:04
Wall Street Down as Big Tech Ends 11-Day Stocks Rally Tuesday

One of the longest-running rallies on Wall Street came to an end on Tuesday as technology stocks closed down the first time in 11 days after a streak of record highs, setting the pace for industrials and blue chips to settle lower as well from recent peaks.

All three of the major US equity indexes - the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite - had whetted the appetite of equity bulls by reaching one pinnacle after another since the final week of October, energized by stellar third-quarter earnings, assurance of friendly monetary policy by the Federal Reserve and a $1 trillion infrastructure spending boost passed by Congress.

The party came to a stop after 11 days of record highs for the Nasdaq, eight days of wins for the S&P 500 and peaks in seven days out of nine for the Dow.
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2021-11-13 20:00:04
Silicon Valley investor has created his own Telegram channel!

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2021-11-13 17:00:03
Trump Says Hasn’t Spoken to Biden Yet, But If It Could 'Help' The Country, He Would

Ex-president Donald Trump told Fox News on Tuesday that he hasn’t spoken with the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, as he doesn’t believe this could somehow help the country.

He stressed that the current administration has “a very different view” that “deserts the country, "which "is going to hell."

"No, I haven't spoken to him, no," Trump said in an interview. “Would I? You know, if I could help this country, I’d help the country."

After leaving office, Trump has remained in the political arena as an active supporter of the conservative agenda, promoting GOP candidates for various political positions and organizing rallies across the country. He hadn’t revealed yet whether he will run for president again in 2024, signaling that his main focus currently is on the 2022 midterm elections. As he noted on Monday, his presidency plans will mainly depend on their outcome.
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