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First Telegram Data Science channel. Covering all technical and popular staff about anything related to Data Science: AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, general Math and the applications of former. To reach editors contact: @haarrp

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2023-01-21 16:22:48
GPT-3 for self-therapy

Just came across an interesting article about using #GPT-3 to analyze past journal entries and summarize therapy sessions for gaining new perspectives on personal struggles. Dan Shipper loaded person journal into the neural network so he could ask different questions, including asking about his own Myers-Briggs personality type (INTJ for those who wondered).

It's a powerful example of how AI tools can help individuals become more productive, effective, and happy. As we continue to see the integration of #AI in various industries, it's important for modern blue collar workers to learn how to properly work with these tools in order to stay at the peak of efficiency.

Let's embrace the future and learn to use AI to our advantage rather than to spread FUD about AI replacing workforce. It won’t but it will enable some people to achieve more and be way more productive.


#aiusecase #toolsnotactors
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2023-01-13 11:06:27
Left picture is one generated by #Midjourney with a bell curve with mu = 18 sigma = 4 request.

Right one was generated with a bell curve with mu = 18 sigma = 1 request.

Looks like Midjourney is not aware of concept of distributions yet.

#AI #AGI #vizualization
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2023-01-06 16:02:28 Top Python libraries `22
by @tryolabs


#python #tools
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2023-01-04 18:37:54
Some might have wondered what application will #Midjourney and #ChatGPT have.

What products will creators to build with them?

Here is one of examples of such human-AI collaboration — short illustrated story on TikTok having millions of views.

2.5K views15:37
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2022-12-28 12:23:57
Dear all,

Our friends are organizing AI & Natural Language conference in Yerevan next year, 21-22 April 2023. Guys are open for collaboration, if you want to organize a workshop on a thriving topic or a challenge, please contact them. All the info is in their channel:
2.2K views09:23
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2022-12-21 18:00:10
AI-assistant tool for a slides deck generation

Stumbled upon a new startup Tome, which allows to create a deck given a text prompt, i.e. AI-assistant tool in creator economy.

Emerge of such a service was only a question of time given the advance of Midjourney, Dall-E and GPT-3.

Tools like this will drastically improve quality of the presentations and reduce time requried to create a good deck.

Example of a deck:
3.3K views15:00
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2022-12-17 12:45:42 Best Python Concurrency Guides


They are a bit bloated and explain the same concepts 10 times, but they try to explain the most unexplored parts of Python in detail in plain language with examples.

You can just read examples and intro.

Good stuff.
2.5K views09:45
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2022-12-04 23:26:30
There is a claim that #ChatGPT is capable of writing a code based on a text input

Why does it matter: it potentially can lower the barrier for programmers and allow more tools for efficient software development to emerge.

Source: tweet

#GPT3 #NLU #NLP #codegeneration
1.1K views20:26
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2022-12-02 13:55:28 ML track at YaTalks 2022

YaTalks, Yandex’s main conference for the IT community, will be held on December 3 and 4. More than 100 tech experts from around the globe will gather to discuss technology and life in today’s ever-changing world. In the program, there are tracks about backend, frontend, mobile development, and, of course, machine learning.

Speakers will discuss:
• what significant events have happened in the sphere of machine learning for the last 10 years;
• how neural network-driven translation works;
• how generative neural networks create pictures and whether they are able to replace illustrators;
• and many other topical issues.

This year YaTalks will be streamed simultaneously in two languages — Russian and English — using neural network-driven voice-over translation technologies. The conference is online, so you can join it from anywhere in the world.

Learn more and register on the website
3.1K views10:55
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2022-12-02 13:32:07
Speaking about real #usecases of #gpt3, there is a wonderful application for improving business communication through the adoption of #nlp / #nlu tools
3.7K views10:32
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