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PW/MP plays a crucial role in achieving financial goal with minimum efforts / less risk . PW is the main source of wealth , health for Stock Market Traders + Investors + Hedgers + TV channels + Analysts + Anchors + Brokers + Advisory Co ( because they copy our strategies, wordings , calls , views etc )

PW/MP is essential for Stress relief, ENTERTAINMENT , control of BP because all these are our main priority, Stock Mkt profit is secondary & it will automatically follow if you follow PW/MP strictly.

Instead of understanding importance of SALT in our daily food, we think that we are getting taste due to spices/ingredients.

So to realise value of SALT ( PW/MP ), we are introducing SALT BREAK in channel.

During SALT break there would be NO/Very Less messages in channel & direct Btst/Stbt at closing time.

( PW/MP = Patel Wealth / Minish Patel )

Clarification :

🌹@PATELWEALTH Telegram Channel belongs to me ( Minish Patel ) only. There is no direct connection of Patel Wealth with my channel.
I am SEBI Regd Research Analyst with 27 years experience ( Sebi Reg No : INH000002871 )🌹

( 27 years experience is not only timewise. its by learning from loss/experience. In short in gujarati " Bhatha / Dhumba / japat khai khai ne badho experience avyo chhe. emnam chart/software/workshop thi nthi avyo )
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