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Clarification :

There is confusion in media on my funny quotes on " Kala-Jadu " which were flashed last week in my telegram channel, so here I m again clarifying that it was flashed with tag of

" On a Lighter Note "
" I am flashing such msgs for Entertainment , Stress Relief , Bring smile on face of tensed traders "

It was flashed purely with intention of Humour, even many times I have flashed many other funny msgs + song links etc etc in past in my channel.

Daily many members asking me which software / tech tool / strategy / indicator u r using, but my reply always same " I don't use any " so I was tired as they are not believing in my Experience / Screen Reading skills so to avoid such questions, I have flashed common msg for all in channel that " I use Kala-jadu " for market prediction with intention of fun for all.

Market cannot be manipulated by anyone, its solely upon on public how they see market.

I don't believe in Superstition / Kala-Jadu.

Inspite of clearly written " For Fun " , many have taken it seriously. so please ignore it.

I am shocked n surprised by incorrect & grossly irresponsible reporting by some media. The impugned article on my name is not only a glaring case of incorrect reporting but also has been published with a malafide intent to adversely affect my reputation. I am gng to serve legal notice for defamation to all those who haven't met or talked with me once but published baseless script on my name without my consent.


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