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Logo of telegram channel patricklancasternewstoday — Patrick Lancaster News Today
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This channel will cover the journalistic activities of Independent Journalist Patrick Lancaster currently Reporting In the Donetsk People's Republic covering the Ukraine War in the English language

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2024-04-05 14:01:29 BREAKING: Frontline Combat Sees Russia Capture Ukraine "Invincible Super Weapon"
BREAKING: As Frontline Battle Rages on Russia captures Ukraine's one of a kind "invincible" "super weapon" that turns out to be a piece of junk and waist of 5 million $.

The development of the armored vehicle (NOT Tank as the Ukrainians call it ) “Azovets” began on a proactive basis in April 2015 at a cost of about 5 million $, design and construction were carried out by the engineering group of the NSU Azov regiment (head of the engineering group, designer Bogdan Zvarich ; chief designer of the engineering group S. N. Stepanov ; chief consultant - former chief engineer and chief designer of the Kharkov armored repair plant.
Ukraine claims : "The Azovets is an armored fighting vehicle (AFV) that has been designed to focus on urban combat/survival."
And that
"the Azovets is a highly capable combat vehicle that has been designed to take on a wide range of missions. Its self-made combat modules, powerful weapons, and enhanced protection make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield."
But in this report we see how and why they left it in a hole without it even seeing battle as Ukrainian forces retreated. I also show you an incite into how the Ukraines AZOV forces built it and why it was not continued.

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2024-03-30 20:36:22
Zelensky changes stance on talks with Russia

The Ukrainian leader has said that a return to the 2022 status quo would be enough to kick off negotiations with Moscow.

President Vladimir Zelensky has indicated that a return to Ukraine’s 1991 borders is no longer a precondition for holding peace talks with Moscow, even as he continues to push forward with his own ‘peace formula’, which has been dismissed by the Kremlin as absurd.

Zelensky banned all negotiations with the current leadership in Moscow in 2022, after four former Ukrainian regions voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. Since then, he has been rallying Western support for his ten-point formula, which includes the full withdrawal of Russian troops and a return to Ukraine’s 1991 borders, including Crimea, as well as forcing Moscow to pay reparations, among other conditions.

However, in an interview with CBS this week, Zelensky suggested there is no need to recapture the territory exclusively by military means.
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2024-03-30 14:49:49
With Russian Catastrophe ambulance team 1 km from the Frontline and border in the Belgorod Region Russia My full documentary on Belgorod coming soon
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2024-03-28 14:32:15 Patrick Lancaster LIVE From Belgorod Russia with Judge Napolitano
discussing Ukrainian cross border attacks using NATO supplied weapons

TODAY: 9am EDT 4pm Moscow Time

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2024-03-28 09:51:52
Government made bomb shelters across Belgorod Russia saving lives during Ukrainian Cross Border Rocket Attacks. (Special Update From Belgorod) I go indepth with the government in my upcoming film "Belgorod Under Fire" on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe below
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2024-03-27 23:14:03
Breaking (Special Reportage) Ukraine has launched another major cross border rocket attack on Belgorod Russia as they do every night and day. Russian anti-air rockets seemed to have engaged and destroyed most of the Ukrainian rockets but some made it through. In the special report I report from the scene of an impact on a residential apartment block I show you the aftermath. Other footage and eyewitness accounts will be in my full documentary film on Belgorod under fire coming soon.
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2024-03-27 00:38:23
BREAKING: UNDER FIRE: Russian anti air rockets engage huge Ukrainian rocket attack over center Belgorod Russia
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2024-03-26 15:13:48
NATO Weapons Injure Civilians In Belgorod
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2024-03-26 14:26:29
Belgorod Underfire: Ukrainian cross border NATO Rockets hit civilian homes again in Belgorod Russia. At least 2 injured
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2024-03-24 20:52:27
. Belgorod Russia Underfire (Special report)  
Ukraine forces continue to hit civilian areas in Belgorod. In this report i show you how Ukrainian shells or rockets hit a apartment building.  
More from Belgorod coming soon
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