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2023-07-07 01:04:14 And all the flowers she sucked,
she was back to the one
with the sweetest nectar,

and all the butterflies he kissed,
he was waiting for the one,
whom he gave his everything.


- D's diary
27 views22:04
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2023-07-06 22:57:14 My once thundering cares,
Now whisper in the wind,
As my heart no longer despairs,
Of love I have now been pinned.

Once, my fears laid siege to my heart
Endlessly, and without end,
Now, they have met eternal slumber,
Beneath the warmth of a loving friend.

My hunger for peace now satisfied,
My thirst for rest now quenched,
As my heart forever ties,
With yours in a love entrenched.

Our meeting, a divine miracle,
Like lightning in a bottle,
An extraordinary spectacle,
Of love that truly throttles.

You, who were a shelter in my storm,
Provided respite to the torn,
I was drawn in by your beauty,
But sustained by your love.

Your words, like steps on a path,
Lead me back to strength and light,
Your joy amidst my sorrow's wrath,
Nursed me back to health with all its might.

My lover and my friend,
In you, I find my heart's content,
For a single encounter has led,
To a lifetime of love's ascent.


Uzezi David.
#poem #love
178 views19:57
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2023-07-06 20:50:13 Reflections of Shadows

Mirror, mirror, black mirror,

They called me,

But never told me why.

Maybe it's my eyes that reflect their dark self,

Or is it my mouth that tells them their dark secrets?

- Anushka

#micropoetry #freeverse
372 views17:50
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2023-07-06 18:19:02 He's got no horns, he's not a demon.
But he's got fangs and claws, he speaks heartily wicked words, and he's got a soulful twisted smile.

He's got me, to play right into his palms. He's got me, his fighter. He's got battles to watch, monsters to unleash.

And he's got me, to bet on, to believe in.
He's got me, his path to victory.

636 views15:19
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2023-07-06 15:40:12 A Pole's agony
Your long stay hurts me, my Sun!
It will hurt me more after you set.

- Suka
780 views12:40
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2023-07-06 13:33:11 Fire in your eyes so easy to set,

Fire in the dark so hard to forget.
931 views10:33
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2023-07-06 11:26:10 I adore you immensely, yet struggle to display,
For fear of giving too much, with no reciprocation in play.
Prove your worthiness of my love's embrace,
Show me you're worth the sacrifices I'll face.
Love me not as you loved another in the past,
Love me like no one else, a love that will forever last.
1.0K views08:26
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2023-07-06 09:19:10 I wish you despair.

I wish you suffering;
such, that your voice for help,
Is drowned by the whispers of your demons
and your burning agony.

I hope you cry,
But your eyes refuse to bleed.
I hope you are scarred,
But your skin refuses to heal.

I wish you the same cursed fate
that befell upon me.

You ruined me.
You tore me limb by limb,
And then rubbed salt
to my open wounds.
You shattered me to pieces,
and left me to bleed.

All, in the name of love.

Twisted Fate : Draft 04

#agony #𝘖𝘊
1.1K views06:19
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2023-07-06 07:12:09 Don't I just love it,
When I go away
From myself…
Just to drown deep
In the night sky…
To find myself
Buried in your eyes…

#ts #btf
1.1K views04:12
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2023-07-06 05:05:09 At midnight,
Meandering through a river of dreams,
I see you,
Moving forward,
Leaving me,
At the point we had agreed to meet.
1.1K views02:05
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