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Pocket Monsters Updates

Logo of telegram channel pokemon — Pocket Monsters Updates P
Logo of telegram channel pokemon — Pocket Monsters Updates
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New updates from Twit@Pokemon and Twit@SerebiiNet. (for now)

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2022-09-02 01:21:18 Pokemon: @PokemonTCG
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2022-09-02 01:21:17 Pokemon: RT @PokemonTCG: cards
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2022-09-02 00:21:36 Pokemon: Thanks to the support of Trainers around the world, we're thrilled to share that Pokémon has been selected as a License of the Year finalist for the Toy of the Year Awards!

Voting is now open, Trainers:
142 views21:21
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2022-09-02 00:02:57 Serebii Update: The Pokémon GO Psychic Spectacular event has been fully revealed. Runs September 6th 10:00 local time to September 12th 20:00 local time. Introduces Mega Alakazam and Shiny Elgyem into the game. Details @
140 views21:02
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2022-09-01 22:02:43 @GatesTroop94 That's very strange as many people have shown that they have the research
144 views19:02
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2022-09-01 20:03:17 Serebii Update: New Partner Research is now available in Pokémon GO to eligible Verizon customers in the US from now until November 30th 2022 through the Verizon UP Rewards
202 views17:03
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2022-09-01 18:02:16 @BreaksMik Yes, this is the first usage of this typing
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2022-09-01 17:21:46 Pokemon: Meet Grafaiai, the Poison/Normal Pokémon!

This Pokémon specializes in using its poisonous saliva—which changes color depending on what the Pokémon eats—to attack foes by spitting at them or by slashing at them after coating its claws with the saliva.

297 views14:21
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2022-09-01 17:21:45 Pokemon: Now that you’ve gotten a fascinating insight into #Grafaiai, see it in all its glory in #PokemonScarletViolet, coming to #NintendoSwitch November 18th!
198 views14:21
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2022-09-01 17:02:55 Serebii Video: A trailer featuring Grafaiai in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been released
191 views14:02
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