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2022-06-11 09:00:01

The anti-schedule does not plan for work, but for leisure and recreation. As far as work is concerned, it is done "in your spare time".

For the anti-scheduling to be effective, follow a few rules:

Never add project work to the anti-schedule.

Only fix work after 30 minutes. It's simple: work is done - record it.

Don't record periods of less than 30 minutes. This helps maintain self-discipline.

Reward yourself for your hard work. Switch to a more enjoyable activity.

Keep track of your progress.

Don't overburden yourself.

Devote at least one day entirely to rest.

Allocate at least one hour a day for physical activity.

Learn to think in small portions. Just aim for a quality 30-minute workout.

Focus on getting started. Think not about finishing the work, but about getting started as early as possible.

Don't finish work early: always try to work for at least 30 minutes.
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2022-06-10 14:00:01
Maximum Productivity

Many people believe that the way to the top is through no days off and no interruptions. There is a rational basis for it, but do not forget about the possible side effects: problems in the family, illness, and emotional burnout.

Think about professional athletes — they alternate sweat-inducing workouts with recovery periods because it is during the rest that muscles grow. The brain works in a similar way; in order to be as productive as possible, you need to rest regularly.

You may ask: where do you find the time to recover when every minute counts and there is often no time to have lunch?

Here are 4 proven ways that can help:

1. Start delegating.
2. Make a plan and stick to it.
3. learn to say no.
4. Work to live, not the other way around.
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2022-06-10 09:00:00
The principles of the Minto Pyramid

The author of this method, Barbara Minto, worked for over 20 years at McKinsey, America's number one consultancy. Not all deals were successful, and she wanted to understand the reasons for successes and failures in negotiations with clients, and what to do about it.

In the end, she concluded that the reason was not the skills of the firm's employees. The main reason for this or that result is the way the information is communicated to the client.
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2022-06-09 19:00:01
The Arrow Method

Entrepreneur Nicholas Sonnenberg, who came up with this method, believes that your weekly calendar should be like the tip of an arrow — lots to do at the beginning and less and less by the end of it. That is, on Monday you have the maximum number of lines in the diary filled, and by the weekend there are more and more free.

The author of the method plans all the important things for Monday and Tuesday, so that on the other days to work in a more free schedule and be ready for new opportunities and unexpected, but interesting proposals.
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2022-06-09 14:00:01
Set clear deadlines

Deadlines for tasks and goals should always be present. They help not to get out of schedule and not to accumulate mountains of uncompleted work.

Without goals and deadlines, you will achieve almost nothing, because you will become a victim of procrastination and inaction. It is very important to fix your goal in a diary and set a deadline for its implementation.

It is also possible and necessary to distribute your time and workload and allocate the necessary time for rest and recovery — the body and brain periodically need a restart and recovery.
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2022-06-09 09:00:01
Plan a rest along with things to do

Some people think that rest is something that happens to us on its own. Their reasoning goes something like this:

The main thing is to plan work, and you can rest in between.

The problem is this: if we haven't set aside time in advance to rest, we may not be able to get a good rest at all.

Firstly, Parkinson's law says that work tends to occupy all the time available to us. If we do not set boundaries, it can easily "take away" our breaks, leisure hours, and even lunch and dinner.

Secondly, we usually perceive unplanned vacations as "illegal". We can't fully relax and continue to think about the work at hand, feeling stressed and tense.

The best solution is to rigidly fix rest blocks in your daily routine.
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2022-06-08 19:00:01
GROW is a basic coaching tool and methodology for achieving goals

The acronym comes from the names of the four stages: Goals, Reality, Opportunities, and What to do, Will.

The specific sequence of questions helps to increase your understanding of what you are striving for, your current situation and your beliefs, your capabilities and resources, and the actions you need to take to achieve your personal and professional goals.
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2022-06-08 14:00:01
Do Less Philosophy

The "Do Less" philosophy is very popular in today's reality. Different authors offer different approaches. For example, Marc Lesser wrote a book called "Achieving More by Doing Less," based on Zen Buddhism.

His "doing less" manifesto begins by refuting the claim that reducing workload makes employees lazy and negatively affects their productivity. When we do fewer tasks, we can enjoy our accomplishments.

Marc Lesser recommends finding a few minutes during the workday to meditate. This evens out your breathing, you'll come to your senses, get rid of stress, and be able to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Don't forget to prioritize. Do important tasks first, and then move on to low-priority ones. Don't overload yourself with a large number of tasks: it's better to do less but of high quality and with pleasure than more, but without enthusiasm.
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2022-06-08 09:00:01

A popular free service that helps you turn your life into a real RPG game. Here you'll earn experience and gold for completing tasks and maintaining good habits, fighting bosses, boosting your character, collecting artefacts and even getting pets.

The service has both web and smartphone versions, so your challenges will always be at your fingertips.
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2022-06-07 19:00:01
Prepare yourself and your space for work

Organize your workplace, apartment, and mind accordingly. Get rid of everything unnecessary, old that has not been used for a long time, clear the space for the possibility of the arrival of everything new in your life.

Order, even relative, structures thoughts and greatly reduces the time spent looking for something.
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