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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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Journalists exposing corruption.
Project Veritas Official Channel
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2024-04-04 16:49:55
Learn the REAL story behind the forbidden diary.

Ashley Biden Confirms Famed Diary Is Hers & The Full Story Behind The FBI Raids On American Journalists

[09.03.2020] - VERITAS TIP LINE: "... Ashley Biden was staying in this room and they found her diary, all her clothes, luggage, pills... The diary is pretty crazy."

[10.08.2020] - ASHLEY BIDEN: "I am Ashley Biden. It is my stuff."
28.9K viewsedited  13:49
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2024-04-04 16:48:23 Biden's DOJ demands prison time for Ashley Biden diary thief.

In other news, Hunter Biden still walking free.
16.8K views13:48
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2024-03-28 21:33:06 WATCH: Our September investigation captured HiTOPS employees revealing how the nonprofit sneaks radical DEI & sex-ed curriculum into NJ schools without parental permission. Parents have been fighting back for months.
22.3K views18:33
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2024-03-28 21:31:20 HiTOPS UPDATE: Chinese parents in Princeton NJ lead charge to remove #HiTOPS intersectionality curriculum from Princeton, NJ schools.

"The ... oppressed/oppressor and critical race theories in the HiTOPS curriculum – drawn from Marxist thought – recalls the extreme ideologies that ignited the Cultural Revolution in China."
24.0K views18:31
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2024-03-14 21:37:34 “The lawsuit is based in large part on a Project Veritas video… Bailey called the right-wing Project Veritas team ‘true investigative journalists’ who are able to uncover ‘these spurts of legal violations.’”

Dropping undeniable video evidence of corruption, one investigation at a time
14.9K views18:37
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2024-03-13 22:53:31 FULL THREE PART SERIES: Undercover journalist visited over 50 clinics throughout the US to investigate the transgender medical industry.

See what doctors admitted on Veritas undercover camera that caused an entire clinic in Texas to be shut down for good.
28.6K views19:53
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2024-03-13 22:46:07
Gender affirming care is turning out to be one of the biggest medical abuse scandals in American history.

We briefly recapped our previous #TooYoung investigation exposing the growing transgender medical industry cashing in on lifelong patients - now coming under further scrutiny due to the #WPATHFiles.

WATCH & SHARE a deeper look into the dark industry profiting from unethical medical experiments on vulnerable children.
27.8K views19:46
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2024-03-07 01:53:01
UPDATE: Missouri Attorney General now calling for complete defunding of Planned Parenthood in the state, cites Veritas undercover reporting and “pattern of lawbreaking.”
21.2K views22:53
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2024-03-05 01:05:07
IMPACT: Our #SECRETABORTIONS Investigation Takes Missouri By Storm

Missouri Attorney General: "This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood."
27.7K views22:05
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2024-02-29 18:12:21
BREAKING: Missouri SUES Planned Parenthood after Veritas Investigation Reveals a Conspiracy to Traffic Minors Across State Lines for Secret Abortions

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey: "This lawsuit is a direct result of the investigation conducted by Project Veritas in November of 2023 that uncovered an agent of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas City brazenly committed to past, present, and future violations of this state's laws regarding proper parental consent notification, a conspiracy to traffic women out of state for abortions, and a conspiracy to conceal the sexual exploitation of children.”
15.6K views15:12
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