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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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Journalists exposing corruption.
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2024-02-29 18:12:21
BREAKING: Missouri SUES Planned Parenthood after Veritas Investigation Reveals a Conspiracy to Traffic Minors Across State Lines for Secret Abortions

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey: "This lawsuit is a direct result of the investigation conducted by Project Veritas in November of 2023 that uncovered an agent of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas City brazenly committed to past, present, and future violations of this state's laws regarding proper parental consent notification, a conspiracy to traffic women out of state for abortions, and a conspiracy to conceal the sexual exploitation of children.”
15.6K views15:12
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2024-02-19 21:13:54
EXCLUSIVE LEAK: PR Firm Berlin Rosen celebrates efforts to remove Donald Trump from Colorado ballot

"Let's save democracy again."

"We really knocked it out of the park."

"The media has been inaccurately casting the case as an anti-democratic partisan effort, when really it was exactly the opposite, and we were brought on to correct the record."

Thanks to a brave insider, the public can now witness the innerworkings of the progressive machine that combines legal strategy, powerful donors, social media campaigns, and wealthy PR firms who attempt to convince the public, and themselves, that their work to keep Donald Trump off the ballot is "saving democracy."

29.0K views18:13
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2024-02-14 04:26:47
PFIZER UPDATE: "Is Pearl River the New Wuhan?"

Project Veritas Journalist Interviews Pfizer VP/COO, Steven Bjornson, on Pharma Giant's Plans to Expand Vaccine Development Efforts in Pearl River, NY

#ExposePfizer #DirectedEvolution
48.2K views01:26
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2024-02-06 06:15:33

MOM CAN’T KNOW: Planned Parenthood Transports Minors Across State Lines for Secret Abortions

“We never tell the parents anything.” - Managing Director, Kansas City, Missouri

CLICK TO SHARE #SecretAbortions on X:
18.7K views03:15
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2024-02-06 06:15:33 Watch the investigation that prompted the Attorney General of Missouri to now announce legal action against Planned Parenthood.
19.4K views03:15
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2024-02-06 05:05:33
BREAKING: Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announces legal action against Planned Parenthood following Veritas report.
24.6K views02:05
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2024-02-02 01:20:23
St. Paul’s School in Maryland now considering more "age appropriate methods" after Veritas exposed school quizzing 10 year olds on their "sexuality."
14.7K views22:20
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2024-02-02 01:17:53
LEAKED: Source provides Principal Clark Wight’s (St. Paul’s School) internal response to Project Veritas publishing their sexual orientation questionnaire for 5th graders.

"Many of you have heard about a social identity inventory..."
16.0K views22:17
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2024-01-31 01:57:18
Missouri Lawmakers say they suspected that girls were being trafficked for abortions out-of-state by Planned Parenthood, but they couldn’t prove it.

Our undercover video provided tangible evidence - Planned Parenthood officials admitting their corrupt actions, in their own words, on tape.

Senators are now calling for the complete defunding and PROSECUTION of Planned Parenthood in the state of Missouri.

Undercover journalists are nameless and faceless - seeking no glory for themselves - working solely to bring the public undeniable video evidence of corruption.

If you agree we need MORE investigative journalism that gets results - please consider a tax-deductible donation so we can dispatch more journalists to every corner of the nation.

Donate Securely:
24.9K views22:57
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2024-01-30 18:41:35
RESULTS: Missouri State Senator calls for PROSECUTION of Planned Parenthood following Project Veritas Report

Project Veritas testifies before Missouri Senate about our reporting which revealed Planned Parenthood transports minors across state lines for #SecretAbortions to evade Missouri's abortion ban
32.3K views15:41
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