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Logo of telegram channel pumpcoinbets — Pumpcoinbets💰📈 NFT & Crypto Gems 💎
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Channel address: @pumpcoinbets
Categories: Economics , Investments
Language: English
Subscribers: 2.00M
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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀
Owner: @Legend
Official Partner @monsterra_official, @BabyBNBTigerEN, @bcgameofficial, @BitMartExchange @APFagriculture

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2023-09-30 00:26:04
Join the excitement at #Gateio P2P's Sweepstake Carnival!

From September 28th to October 27th 2023 (UTC+8)

100% WINNING for our DAILY TOP 3 participants

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to trade P2P and win big!

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2023-09-29 16:59:21
How does it work?

At CoinCombat, players engage in predicting the BTC price fluctuations within a concise timeframe (all in real-time!).

Each game cycle spans a mere 45 seconds:

- First 30 seconds are dedicated to placing your predictions;
- The remaining 15 seconds are pivotal, as they announce the outcomes and dispense the rewards.

Players nailing their predictions get to claim the bets from their less fortunate counterparts.

Leveraging the power of blockchain and Web3.0, CoinCombat stands out.

The game is focused on pool Vs pool and the winners takes it all from the other group minus the platform fee.

With CoinCombat, simplicity is the name of the game!

Can make 500% in 60 seconds!

Play now:


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2023-09-29 00:32:29
Newbie’s first choice to trade crypto

Look no further than CoinEx - the ultimate platform tailored for beginners like you. Get ready for the amazing crypto journey with CoinEx, where they provide beginner guides and exclusive bonuses for newbies.

Sign up and start trading now

#crypto #Bitcoin
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2023-09-27 19:47:29
Particpate in #GateioGuessTheCup Contest

In which Label cup did you finally find the #Bitcoin?

Trade that much amount on #Gateio spot/derivative market to win $5,000 #airdrop

411.1K views16:47
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2023-09-27 12:13:37
Amazing launch for $QUEST

Congratulations to the subscribers that purchased at launch that are already in huge profits.

Now that there is a small dip it is still an great entry for the subscribers that have not purchased yet because this project has much more potential to grow to the moon.

Checkout the pinned message for more info and see you guys at the moon
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2023-09-26 21:12:18
$QUEST coin launching in 6 Hours!

• Doxxed dev
• CMC/CG at launch
• Multiple CEXs listing $QUEST
• Full Utility Token
• 777 NFTs releasing at launch
• NFT holders will win cash & prizes!

Join the telegram & follow their Twitter below!
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2023-09-26 15:47:18 We're featured on Cryptomode's "Best Crypto Projects to Watch in Q4 2023" list!

Join us in celebrating this remarkable and dive into the full article!

Explore projects with resilience and growth potential in the crypto space

Read more:

Become an
$APFC holder today!
Bitmart | Latoken | CoinW

Chat News Twitter
Instagram Facebook Website
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2023-09-25 19:31:40
Bounty Drop: The Biggest Web3 Gaming Airdrop in History

Hey guys i want you to check this new announcement out, its one of the best Web3 gaming airdrop in history. Please take your time to read its worth it!

This announcement introduces "Bounty Drop," a web3 gaming airdrop program offering $ALLY tokens as rewards. Key points include:

Bounty Drops: Tokens given as rewards to active supporters, with 15% of the total $ALLY token supply allocated.

Participation: Link Discord and Steam accounts for eligibility.

Ways to Increase Drops: Invite friends (5x their drops), upgrade with tickets, and compete on the leaderboard.

Claim Date: February 14, 2024, for opening and claiming $ALLY tokens.

Earning Points: Activities on Discord and Steam, referrals, and more contribute to points. 1 Basic Bounty Drop equals 100 points.

Automatic Drop: Linking accounts on Earn Alliance grants an initial Bounty Drop.

In summary, Bounty Drop offers gamers and supporters a chance to earn $ALLY tokens through participation, referrals, and point accumulation. Higher points lead to greater airdrop rewards.

You can join this airdrop by going to this link below:

and don't forget to join their socials:
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2023-09-24 12:30:22
#GateLive AMA-

Time: 15:00 PM, September 26 UTC
Guest: Victoriia Miracle-CCO of Cheelee

Watch Live & Gain Airdrops

Extra bonus to share 21 #CHEEL

#Gateio $CHEEL #GameFi #P2E
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