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Donald J. Trump

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Logo of telegram channel real_donaldjtrump — Donald J. Trump
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Uncensored posts from the Office of Donald J. Trump
Reserved for the 45th President of the United States

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2024-04-15 03:45:32 Just four years ago I was a very popular and successful President of the United States, getting more votes than any sitting President in history. Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Criminal Court, before a totally conflicted Judge, a Corrupt Prosecutor, a Legal System in CHAOS, a State being overrun by violent crime and corruption, and Crooked Joe Biden’s henchmen “Rigging the System” against his Political Opponent, ME! I will be fighting for myself but, much more importantly, I will be fighting for our Country. Election Interference like this has never happened in the USA before and, hopefully, will never happen again. We are now a Nation in serious Decline, a Failing Nation, but we will soon be a Great Nation Again. November 5th will be the most important day in the History of the United States. MAGA2024! SEE YOU TOMORROW.
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2024-04-14 23:54:00 Ivy got 8 Biden cases (lawsuits!) going on at one time. They want to take money I would use for the campaign, and my time. Never been done before in our Country. Crooked politicians and corrupt prosecutors and Judges. November 5th is the most important day in the history of our Country. WE WILL WIN! MAGA2024
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2024-04-14 19:30:10 Judge Juan Merchan, perhaps the most highly conflicted Judge in New York State history, only gave us a short period of time to read and study hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that D.A. Alvin Bragg illegally hid, disguised, and held back from us. Of course, and as the Judge knows, we need far more time than that. They could have started this Fake Biden Trial many years ago, not right in the middle of my campaign for President, and time would not be a problem. This is a blatant and unprecedented attack on Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent (who is leading in every poll!), done in close coordination with the White House, that cannot be allowed to go forward!
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2024-04-14 07:52:40
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2024-04-14 05:40:08
I want to say God Bless the people of Israel. They’re under attack right now…it would not have happened if we were in office…
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2024-04-14 05:38:07 AMERICA SUPPORTS ISRAEL!
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2024-04-14 05:36:21
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2024-04-14 04:56:17 ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK! This should never have been allowed to happen - This would NEVER have happened if I were President!
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2024-04-13 18:14:07 Mark Osler, CNN: "People haven’t forgotten the Joe Biden who pushed for the draconian 1994 crime bill (which added 50 new federal crimes, created a harsh “three strikes” rule, and incentivized full prisons in states), and many of them are the same people he is counting on to come out in droves to vote for him in November."
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2024-04-13 00:14:54 LIVE: President Trump and Speaker Johnson Give Joint Remarks in Palm Beach, FL
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