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Logo of telegram channel realdailylifehacks — Daily Life Hacks
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We want to help you better your lifestyle. Make it easier and more comfortable.
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2023-08-26 08:03:32
Can’t choose sunglasses? Just look here.

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Daily Life Hacks
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2023-07-07 05:19:43
Essential kitchen item!
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2023-07-07 05:13:52 You can “flip” the numbers when solving for a percentage, which sometimes makes it easier to find the answer. For instance: 10% of 50 is the same as 50% of 10, 29% of 100 is the same as 100% of 29, and so on. #Daily #Students #Hacks
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2023-07-07 05:13:11 When kids (of any age) engage in a behavior or engage in an activity you do not want them to…tell them what they SHOULD be doing or GIVE THEM OPTIONS rather than saying no or reprimanding them. #Daily #Parenting #Hacks
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2023-07-07 05:11:50 Take a few days to yourself with a spreadsheet app (e.g., MS Excel, Google Sheets). The uses are endless for school, the office, life, and other people will think you're a wizard. #Daily #Students #Hacks
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2023-07-07 05:10:50 For people with low self-esteem. Be as kind to yourself as you are to the people you love. You wouldn't humiliate them, so don't do it to you. You deserve respect as much as them. #Daily #Productivity #Hacks
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2023-07-06 06:12:25 To make a good friend, write down a list of the values and traits you want to find in a friend. Then go embody them yourself. #Daily #Social #Hacks
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2023-07-06 06:11:55 Never ask a professional to do any aspect of their work for free if you're a friend or family... offer to pay the usual rate. Chances are they will give you friends rates or or no-charge at all - crucially, they'll feel respected by you not trying to get a freebie. #Daily #Professional #Hacks
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2023-07-06 06:11:18 Do not try to “help” introverts, especially at parties. The fact that they’re quiet does not mean they are feeling down/depressed, or they need you cheering them up/introducing them to people. Chances are that they just enjoy being with themselves. #Daily #Social #Hacks
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2023-07-06 06:10:47 Passive exercise is extremely valuable for your health and highly underrated. #Daily #Health #Hacks
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