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Father, Husband, Catholic, Conservative.
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2024-02-26 20:22:07
When did the term Judeo Christian become part of our language?

Right after WWII

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2024-02-24 07:59:31
Candace Owens talks about how most of the books the Nazis burned were LGBT propaganda. Which is true.

Here is an article on this history:

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2024-02-08 19:45:59
This is a real headline btw. They tried to put clothes on her and she 'fought back.' lol

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2024-02-03 00:54:15
The Texas convoy guy just called out HIAS, lol.

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2024-01-30 19:26:54
The woman Ben is talking about here is an American who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003. She was protesting Israelis who were killing Palestinians, demolishing their homes, and building new settlements on their land.

After running her over, they put her face on pancakes and ate them

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2024-01-28 22:35:25
After Americans die in Jordan in another foreign war for Israel, the Israeli government is now considering an invasion into south Lebanon.

Look up the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings. Israel’s invasion of Lebanon resulted in US troops having to be sent to the region as a peacekeeping force, this resulted in a suicide bombing of the US embassy that killed 63 and a truck bomb attack on a US marine base that left 241 American marines dead. The Israel invasion of Lebanon made the region less stable and led directly to the creation of Hezbollah.

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2024-01-12 10:23:42
Finished. Finito. Gavin walks away from his own debate partner after this admission.

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2024-01-09 04:40:24
Underground tunnel discovered under the Hasidic world headquarters in New York. Arrests made, some Hasidic members escape through the sewers.

Full Story Here:

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2024-01-04 20:10:25
Why would the last one be a surprise? That’s exactly what Epstein was commanded by the mossad to do

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2023-12-31 15:18:08
Ex-Communist spy explains the steps to subvert and degenerate a country.

Religion, Family, Education, media…

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