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Logo of telegram channel reinerfuellmichenglish — Reiner Fuellmich 🇺🇸/🇬🇧/🇦🇺
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Official engl. channel, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, German/American Lawyer and co-founder:

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2024-03-02 11:46:08 Statement by lawyer Katja Wörmer on today's 5th day of the trial in the matter of Dr. Reiner Füllmich before the Göttingen Regional Court and on the questioning of Viviane Fischer.


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2024-03-01 22:29:08
Water level report part 8

The judge went on to ask why she had not produced any expense claims?
She had no clear answer to that.
Reiner Füllmich also asked her at the time in the course of the chat to prepare expense invoices. She explained that she had never done this because legal advice should not be billed to the committee and any mandates had ultimately gone to the port lawyers (which she wanted to participate in - author's note).
Viviane Fischer emphasized once again that she never had any financial problems, as she could always rely on her husband's securities deposit.
As things stand, it looks as if Viviane Fischer may have used up her loan privately...
Her statements today contradict the available chat histories and emails and leave questions unanswered.
It seems as if what Reiner Füllmich is accused of is merely being projected onto him.

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2024-02-29 21:56:46
Injections from hell

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and Hedley Rees, managing consultant of PharmaFlow in the pharmaceutical supply chain industry, about the unconventional manufacturing processes of the genetically engineered covid injections sold by the pharmaceutical industry as "vaccines."

Thank you for your support:
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2024-02-29 20:01:34
Covid 19 ist kein Virus

Karen Kingston bei Stew Peters am 21. Februar 2024

Es handelt sich um die Einimpfung von künstlicher Intelligenz in den Körper.

Die Einzige Möglichkeit es zu stoppen, ist das die Menschen aufhören vor der Wahrheit davon zu laufen und sich ihr stellen.

"Covid-19-Impfung ist die Einimpfung biosynthetischer KI-Parasiten..."

Karen Kingston: Ein blick in die Pharma-Patente offenbart die wahren Fähigkeiten der "Impfstoffe".

Eine PANDEMIE hat es nie gegeben.

Nahost-Konflikt ein anderer Blick auf das Geschehen
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2024-02-29 14:08:14
Many believe their leaders have given them the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so they feel no need to question their programming.

Join us now: Before Our Time
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2024-02-29 11:37:25
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2024-02-28 21:38:21
Popup-Event zugunsten von
Deutscher Anwalt Reiner Fuellmich

Vor der deutschen Botschaft in Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Aufgeführt vom Community Dance Project "The Hocus Pocus Danser" und SpaceGirl Music

Direkt gegenüber dem
Hauptquartier der Vereinten Nationen in Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Am Sonntag, dem 25. Februar 2024
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2024-02-28 21:38:04 It is touching, gives confidence and gives hope to see that so many people around the world stand behind Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and set an example with all kinds of creative actions to draw attention to Reiner's situation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our loud and silent supporters.


This is the message to the original video:

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2024-02-27 21:35:45
Water level report" part 4
Füllmich's defense, however, insisted on questioning Antonia Fischer again in detail.
Today was only a brief opportunity, but it became clear that there was still a need for clarification regarding the interaction between Hoffmann, Fischer and (!) the prosecutor.
Viviane Fischer was asked about the course of events of the Corona Committee, which she described without contradicting Füllmich's account. She emphasized how well she had always worked together with Reiner Füllmich. She had taken minutes of the first 15 meetings of the committee at the time so that the audience could also read something. She did this free of charge, also as a thank you for the high level of donations.
Even then, Hoffmann is said to have made financial demands for everything in which his name appeared, i.e. in those minutes written by Viviane Fischer.
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2024-02-27 21:35:45
Alkmini Laucke Metallinou, [27.02.2024 17:52] Water level report part 3
Antonia Fischer stood out on today's trial day rather by caring for Dr. Hoffmann by supplying him with her own water bottle in the meantime.
After Hoffmann's questioning was completed and he was asked by the presiding judge to take his seat again, he replied: "Nope, I'm leaving now."
Antonia Fischer joined him.
This could mean that these two were either not interested or no longer had the nerve to hear what Viviane Fischer had to say.
Hoffmann, who was so glorious, self-righteous and callous on Facebook a few months ago, seems to be a pile of misery now. (The latter is a comment by the author)
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