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Welcome to the SG Ministry of Manpower's official Telegram channel.

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2024-06-04 13:03:32 Join Mei Ling, a dedicated retail worker, as she embarks on her journey of upskilling and growth under the Progressive Wage Model and Workfare.

Just like her, many lower-wage workers provide essential services and inspire us daily with their strength and resilience.

To all our lower-wage workers, you are valued and you are not alone. Let’s progress together and leave no worker behind!

Watch here:

Learn more:
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2024-04-30 12:01:22
Tune in tomorrow at 9am to catch PM Lee Hsien Loong's address at the #NTUCMayDayRally 2024, hosted by NTUC Singapore.

Catch it live
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2024-04-30 07:15:05
[Sent by MOM - 30 April]

Advance estimates from the Labour Market Advance Release published earlier today showed that the labour market continued to expand in 1Q 2024.

Main findings show:

Total employment growth in 1Q 2024 was wholly supported by an increase in resident employment
Unemployment rates remained low
Retrenchments declined for the second consecutive quarter

The Government calls on employers and workers to make full use of available programmes to remain competitive and resilient amidst economic uncertainty.

Read the latest Labour Market Advance Release:
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2024-04-16 11:09:09
[Sent by MOM - 16 April]

The Tripartite Guidelines on Flexible Work Arrangement Requests will shape norms and expectations around flexible work arrangements (FWAs).

These guidelines are a win-win for both employers and employees, and will:

Guide employees to make requests for FWAs responsibly

Help employers assess such requests properly based on business needs

Help maintain harmonious workplace as employees and employers can discuss and agree on mutually beneficial work arrangements

To find out more about the Tripartite Guidelines, visit:
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2024-03-27 13:34:04
[Sent by MOM – 27 March]
In 2023, the workplace fatal and major injury rates were at a record low, matching best in class standards.

This reflects the joint efforts of businesses, industry associations, workers, unions, and the Government to strengthen workplace safety ownership and culture.

Let’s continue to sustain this standard, and make Singapore a safer workplace for all!
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2024-03-25 07:08:52
[Sent by MOM – 25 March]

Our labour market has remained tight, as vacancies continue to outnumber jobseekers.

Among the vacancies, newly created positions saw an increase in 2023, with the majority arising from business expansion and restructuring.

The proportion of vacancies for PMETs rose further in 2023, mainly in sectors such as Information & Communications, Financial & Insurance Services, Professional Services, and Health & Social Services.

Employers also expressed greater willingness to consider applicants’ relevant experience and skillsets, besides academic qualifications.

We will continue to support employers to upskill and reskill their workers for new roles, as well as to adopt skills-based hiring as our economy continues to evolve with new opportunities.

Read the latest Job Vacancies Report here:
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2024-03-19 12:01:48
If your household has been selected for the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey, here’s why you should participate. Your feedback is important, and it will help us shape better policies for our workforce.

For more details, visit:
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2024-03-14 05:40:08
[Sent by MOM – 14 March]
Our labour market stayed resilient in 2023, despite global economic headwinds and concerns over inflation. Total employment continued to grow, although at a slower pace for both resident and non-residents.
Total employment grew for the ninth consecutive quarter

Unemployment rates have stayed stable and low

Although retrenchments increased, they are comparable to pre-pandemic levels. The majority of retrenched workers are able to find a job within six months.

More employers plan to hire or increase wages this year
MOM will continue to work with Singaporeans to sustain our economic competitiveness and help workers take on better job opportunities.

Read the full Labour Market Report 4Q 2023 at
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2024-03-04 13:44:15
[Sent by MOM - 4 March]

#MOMCOS2024: Singapore’s labour market expanded last year, and resident unemployment remained low. Amid global economic uncertainties, MOM will work hand-in-hand with workers and employers for a brighter future.

Our priorities for this year are centred on three themes: Strengthening you, Uplifting you, and Caring for you.

We will strengthen you by providing stronger support for workers and businesses.
We will uplift you to ensure no one is left behind.
We will care for you by building more progressive and inclusive workplaces.

Swipe to find out more

For more information, visit
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2023-06-30 08:31:58
[Sent by MOM - 30 June]

12 background screening companies have been selected to provide services for employers to verify educational qualifications. This is in support of new Employment Pass applications from 1 September 2023.
These companies were evaluated against a set of robust criteria to ensure quality verification checks and service standards. Check out for more details!
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