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Logo of telegram channel showerthoughts — Shower Thoughts 🚿
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🚿 Send us thoughts through @showerthoughts_robot, and we'll publish them in the @showerthoughts channel.
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2023-06-11 14:15:50 Centaurs have two rib cages…
1.3K views11:15
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2023-06-10 16:15:15 Men in heavy metal bands seem to have much less male pattern balding than men in the general population
3.3K views13:15
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2023-06-10 14:14:44 So many sites are going to have a content drought during the 48 hour blackout
3.5K views11:14
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2023-06-10 09:14:50 Camping couldn't exist until humanity invented not-camping.
3.8K views06:14
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2023-06-10 00:15:08 There's no such thing as scarcity when speaking about digitally created and distributed assets.
4.1K views21:15
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2023-06-09 21:15:35 The other side of your skin is wet
4.2K views18:15
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2023-06-09 14:15:58 Millenials treat our pets as family because we can't afford one
4.4K views11:15
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2023-06-09 09:15:32 Nerds wearing braces is a stereotype because kids who are supported and encouraged in education by their parents come from financially stable households, which can afford braces
4.6K views06:15
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2023-06-09 06:14:59 1 is the only number whose value is equal to the number of digits
4.6K views03:14
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2023-06-09 05:14:38 'Beetlejuice 2' director Tim Burton is missing a huge opportunity by not calling his long awaited sequel 'Beetlejuice Beetlejuice'
4.5K views02:14
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