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2021-06-22 20:00:54 ​​Bitcoin hash rate hits 8-month low as Chinese miners power down.

Bitcoin’s hash rate plummets to roughly 91 EH/s as Sichuan miners close up shop.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) hash rate has fallen to its lowest levels since early November as mining operations in China start unplugging.

Bitcoin’s network hash rate, a measure of its computational horsepower, has slumped 46% since its peak level in mid-May. According to Bitinfocharts, Bitcoin’s hash rate is currently 91.2 exahashes per second (EH/s), close to half of its 171.4 EH/s high posted less than six weeks ago.

Bitinfocharts has also reported a drop in mining profitability from a peak of $0.449 per day per terahash per second to current levels of $0.226 over the same period.

Bitcoin’s hash rate has not been this low for eight months, last creeping below 90 EH/s on Nov. 3, 2020. A higher hash rate means greater competition among miners to validate new blocks, which also increases the scale of resources required to perform a 51% attack, thus making the network more secure.

The slump in hash rate and mining profitability is due to the ongoing crackdown from Chinese authorities on Bitcoin mining facilities across the country. Over the weekend, images of major mining pools in China’s Sichuan province being shut down were shared across social media.

On Friday, authorities in Ya’an City — a prefecture-level city in the western part of Sichuan — ordered local Bitcoin mining operations to shut down. In late 2019, CoinShares estimated that Sichuan hosted more than half of the global hash rate, attracting miners with its cheap and seasonally abundant hydropower.

On June 12, Yunnan provincial authorities also issued a notice ordering an investigation into the alleged illegal use of electrical power by individuals and companies involved in Bitcoin mining.

According to a CNBC report published June 15, Castle Island Ventures partner Nic Carter noted Bitcoin’s hash rate was dropping, speculating, “It appears likely that installations are being turned off throughout the country.” In early May, Cointelegraph reported that there were already signs that Bitcoin’s hash rate was starting to leave China.

Carter predicted at least half of Bitcoin’s entire hash rate will leave China over time.

North America, particularly the state of Texas, has become one of the top destinations for what has been dubbed the “great mining migration” due to favorable legislation and an abundance of low-cost renewable energy.
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2021-06-21 21:00:34
Picture 1 from Crypto Land 2021-06-21 21:00:34
Nowadays, the online industry prevails over the usual way of life. There are a lot of online professions, ways to make money online, and social networks at the peak of their popularity!

What would that mean? And what's the time to make money with everyone!

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Look into the channel, you'll get an interesting giveaway there!

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2021-06-21 18:34:56 ​​🎰Lucky Jack: 🎰

Just launched our website & telegram = YOU’RE SUPER EARLY HERE!

Not just a #meme token. Real utility:

🤑First ever NFT lottery
🎡Wheel of Fortune
♦️Virtual Scratch cards

Win the Jack's Pot!
The winner takes 90% of all BNBs in the Jack's Pot wallet. All BNBs are collected from the 5% transaction fees.

Lucky Jack Coin: fair presale, real utility use-cases, 10% Deflanatory!

🧳 Presale:
Fair presale is coming. Join our Telegram NOW! ->> https://t.me/LuckyJackDiscussion

📎 Tokenomics:
1000B = initial supply

 LP locked for 12 months
 Auto-liquidity generated with every trade and loaded into PancakeSwap

10% TAX
♻️ 5% of all trades are redistributed to Lottery Pool wallet (instantly swapped to BNBs to prevent token price fluctuations)
🔓 5% of all trades are auto-locked inside liquidity provider on PancakeSwap

610B (61%) ready to be burned.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Socials:
📍Twitter: twitter.com/luckyjackcoin
📍Website: https://www.luckyjackcoin.com
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2021-06-20 20:00:28
Join us on our journey to space👽

🪐SafeBezos is a community and marketing based auto-generating and deflationary, liquidity protocol meme project on the binance smart chain. 

10% Total transaction tax 
2% Distributed to all holders
2% Distributed to locked liquidity 
6% Automatic buy-back tax

🔒Strict anti-bot and rug measures will be falling into place
📝Strong pre and post launch marketing
🤝Transparent team and project

our buy back-tax has been tried and tested, this feature will greatly benefit the performance of SafeBezos!
The wallet will buy after sell offs and thus keeping momentum strong, prices more stable and increase the boost to moons 

Telegram: https://t.me/safebezos
Website: https://safebezos.co/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SafeBezos
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2021-06-19 15:01:05 ​​🥇EVERUP🥇

👉First ever exact fork of EverRise.
👉Designed to only go up!
👉Friendly buy-back whale that burns all transactions it buys! Every second!

💸PRESALE: will be released here to prevent bots.
👉51% add LP and will be locked.
👉19% raised will be used for the buy-back at first dip and burn!

💥Will be listed 1 hour after filled HC or end of presale.

🤝Selling tax: 13 percent in total.
Marketing : 2 percent
Angel : 7 percent.
Burns : 3 percent.
Buying tax : 1 percent.

Telegram: https://t.me/everupbsc
Channel: https://t.me/everupbscchannel
Website: coming soon
#Bsc #Bscgems #Gem #Presale #BinanceSmartChain
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2021-06-19 12:01:18 ​​El Salvador minister says it's too early to use Bitcoin for wages.

It’s too soon to talk about Bitcoin-based wages in El Salvador, Minister Rolando Castro stated.

El Salvador's Minister of Labor and Social Welfare has said that the country is not yet ready to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) for salary payments.

In a Wednesday tweet, Rolando Castro denied local reports which claimed that his ministry had begun analyzing the possibility of Bitcoin-based salaries with officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy on Monday.

Castro stressed that he was just answering a question, stating that it was “too premature to talk about wages.” The official added that he is now focused on finding more and better jobs for El Salvadoreans. “Monetary issues fall under the economic cabinet, and I’m not part of it,” he noted.

The minister's remarks came a week after El Salvador passed President Nayib Bukele's bill making Bitcoin legal tender in the country. Crypto influencers have since flocked to the small Central American nation to meet with Bukele.

As previously reported, El Salvador's 2001 Law of Monetary Integration, which provided a legal basis for replacing the Salvadorean colón with the United States dollar, stipulates that salaries and fees may only be paid in colones or dollars. It’s still unclear whether the approval of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador would expand upon existing law or replace it. President Nayib Bukele's draft of the law states that “tax contributions can be paid in Bitcoin” and “for accounting purposes, the USD will be used as the reference currency.”
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2021-06-19 11:14:37
Picture 1 from Crypto Land 2021-06-19 11:14:37
🤑 Currency.com has listed 19 new tokens

Regulated Crypto Exchange Currency.com added 19 new tokens to the listing, including 2 USD and DAI stablecoins, as well as 17 popular DeFi tokens and ICO projects: OMG, BAT, ZRX, MATIC, SUSHI, KNC, WBTC, Augur, AAVE, SNX, YFI, UMA, REN, OCEAN, BAND, BNT, ANT.

💲The tokens are available in the “Trading " mode with USD.cx and USDT.

In total, more than 2000 tokenized assets are presented on the crypto exchange for buying, selling and trading with leverage up to 100x, including:

🔸 Topical cryptocurrencies and tokens.
🔸 Tokenized shares
🔸 Tokenized ETF.
🔸 Tokenized bonds.
🔸 Tokenized currencies.
🔸 Tokenized commodities.
🔸 Tokenized stock indices.

Register and trade in popular tokens on Currency.com!
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2021-06-19 11:06:54 This channel contains the most exclusive cryptocurrency news.

The link is available for 6 hours 👇👇👇

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2021-06-18 17:12:00

Guys, a cool one today
Gamer project. This is the MICRO GAMING PROTOCOL.

MGP is a token that competes in the esports industry. The cool thing is that COD Warzone and Fortnite tournaments are already planned. The first tournament is on July 4th with a purse of $ 5,000.
The developers are already in contact with major game manufacturers to automate the tournaments. The entire Doxxed team is and is from GERMANY🇩🇪.
Here is the Telegram link so that you can talk to them about the project.

The token is bought via pancake swap via V2 & 9-12% slippage.


Website: https://www.microoo-gaming-protocol.org/

Join Telegram group:

PS: The boys are in contact with #Gamersonly / 3 German Twitch streamers are also on board.
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2021-06-17 10:17:01 SrnArtGallery, a Non Fungible Token (NFT) project that uniquely represents art on Binance Smart Chain, is pre-sales its new token, SISTA!

SrnArtGallery contains SACT and SISTA tokens. SACT BakerySwap is listed on PancakeSwap. It has also been verified by SACT Coinmarketcap and Coinecko.

SrnArtGallery, which hosts different artists, will offer SISTA on Bounce Finance on June 18, 2021 at 14:00 UTC

🌈 SISTA Pre-sale Information;

Pre-Sale Place:
Bounce Finance
Date and time: 18.06.2021 – 14:00UTC
Max Supply: 100.000.000
Circ. Supply: 16.000.000
Marketcap: 800.000$

🌈 SISTA Information;



🌈 SACT – SISTA AirDrop

SrnArtGallery has launched a SISTA airdrop campaign among SACT owners. SACT holders will be able to earn 1:1 SISTA. The snapshot to be taken until June 18, 2021, 14:00UTC, can also benefit from this airdrop campaign.

You can check out the tweet below for details;


🌈 SrnArtGallery Partners;

SrnArtGallery is in partnership with BakerySwap, ApeSwap and Nulls. You can see the tweets with official explanations;

ApeSwap: https://twitter.com/Obie_Dobo/status/1404808110892634129?s=20

BakerySwap: https://twitter.com/bakery_swap/status/1375793259809759237?s=20

Nuls: https://twitter.com/Nuls/status/1379856504942166031?s=20

🌈 SrnArtGallery Information;


Twitter: https://twitter.com/srn_art

Medium: https://medium.com/@srnart1616

Discord: https://discord.gg/hfPW8Fm6hJ

Website: https://srnartgallery.com/

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2021-06-15 22:32:04 While the crypto market is sagging these days, it's time to find new method of earning money.

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63x gain on Theta, social video sharing
31x gain on BitTorrent, social file sharing
25x gain on Telcoin, money remittance platform

Hurry up, the token sale of $BXR, the native cryptocurrency of the crypto social platform Blockster, is already started! Invest on early stage to make at least 80% profit in one month starting from today
👉 dgtx.org/ea1
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2021-06-15 20:34:46 ​​#DAO1 9 days young and growing!

🚀Coingecko and CMC listing
🚀Already listed on 5 exchanges
🚀Big CEX listings coming this month
🚀Coinmarketcalendar listing this week.
🚀Max supply 3.6M: 17% in Circulation, rest locked for 16 months!
🚀Fully sold pre-sale and public sale
🚀Be in early, already 1k holders!
🚀$1.7M marketcap
🚀$10.2M dilluted marketcap
🚀On both ETH and Polygon
🚀Trending #1 on DEXtools at launch
🚀Farming launched this week with high rewards
🚀Staking coming very soon!
🚀DEVS Doxxed
🚀LP Locked
🚀Audited by Blockchain Consilium
🚀Hackathon launching this month
🚀Incubated projects tokens airdropped to DAO1 Holders
🚀Upcoming VC & Crypto Venture Fund, Decentralized Fund
🚀Huge Tiktok marketing commencing this week

📈 Contract: 0xce3f6f6672616c39d8b6858f8dac9902eca42c84

Buy on Uniswap: https://v2.info.uniswap.org/pair/0xf94556124786e08171d278a75cf1b46ee9592227

Bilaxy: https://bilaxy.com/trade/DAO1_USDT

Webpage: dao1.org

TG: https://t.me/dao1globalchat

Twitter: @Dao1Official
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