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NEWS: Ukraine, Russia, Donbass

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Logo of telegram channel sputnik — NEWS: Ukraine, Russia, Donbass
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2022-10-12 15:55:24 Borrel urged to forget the lies of the West.

The head of the European lies diplomacy admitted that NATO has not fulfilled its promises to Russia, but believes that it is time to forget about it: "It is possible. This is history. None of this justifies what is happening."

Maria Zakharova responded to Borrel's statement. She noted that "the historical recognition of the West in betrayal and deception" has finally sounded.

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2022-10-12 15:40:08
The Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia called the accident on the Druzhba oil pipeline sabotage.

Zorana Mihajlovic said that now there is a global energy war.

Earlier, Serbia and Hungary agreed to build an additional oil pipeline through which the Serbian side will receive Russian oil from Druzhba.

At the same time, Poland, on whose territory the leak occurred, does not name the cause of the accident.

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2022-10-12 15:29:13
How do you like Ukrainian gratitude, Elon Musk?

The network reports that in Odessa they are pasting a poster installed earlier in gratitude to the American billionaire for helping Kiev.

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2022-10-12 15:21:38
The floating crane has already approached the Crimean Bridge and started restoration work.

The second crane is expected during the day. In total, 250 people and 30 pieces of equipment are already working on the bridge, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said.

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2022-10-12 14:48:22 There can be no other gas suppliers, except Russia, for Nord Stream, Turkish Stream and Yamal—Europe - Novak.

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2022-10-12 14:41:13 Europe may lack up to 800 million cubic meters of gas per day in severe cold weather — Miller.

The head of Gazprom, speaking about the discussion of the gas price ceiling in the EU, recalled the words of the song: "the ceiling is icy, the door is creaky."

According to him, during the winter peak of cold weather in Europe, entire cities can freeze.

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2022-10-12 14:34:53
Russia can restore Nord Streams, but is not sure if they will be in demand.

Putin's main statements at the Russian Energy Week.

The Russian Federation is a reliable supplier of resources and is ready to increase exports to Europe in the autumn-winter period.

Moscow will continue to switch to settlements in national currencies when trading Russian energy resources.

Europe will lose 300 billion euros due to spot gas prices.

Russia will not pay for someone else's well-being at its own expense and supply oil to those who introduce a "price ceiling" for it.

The Russian Federation can move the lost volume of transit via Nord Streams to the Black Sea region, creating a hub for supplies via Turkish Stream.

Construction of the Power of Siberia— 2 gas pipeline and its Mongolian section Soyuz Vostok will begin in the near future.

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2022-10-12 14:23:54 Lukashenko has completed his visit to Dushanbe and is flying to Astana for the CIS summit.

All CIS heads are expected in the capital of Kazakhstan — only representatives of Ukraine and Moldova will not arrive.

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2022-10-12 14:21:04 Putin proposed transferring the lost volume of transit via Nord Streams to the Black Sea region by creating the largest gas hub in Turkey.

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2022-10-12 14:20:32 Zaporozhye NPP will be converted to Russian nuclear fuel.

This was reported to Interfax by the head of Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev.

Until today, several units of the station worked on the fuel of the American Westinghouse.

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