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🏰 A channel for Best Short Moral Stories With Valuable Lessons
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Country Mouse and Town Mouse

A town mouse decided to visit his cousin in the countryside. They had a wonderful time in the meadows and fields.

After a few days, the town mouse invited his cousin to the town. When the country mouse saw the town mouse’s house, he was surprised. There were so many things to eat! While they ate, a woman came into the kitchen and saw the mice. She shrieked so loudly that her husband came running. “It’s those mice again! Let me bring the cat in here,” he said. Within seconds, a huge black cat chased the mice out of the kitchen. The country mouse said, “Cousin, I am happy that you have so many things to eat, but I would rather live safely in the country eating my simple meals!” Saying this, the country mouse returned home.


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2022-06-22 05:12:59
Tutu the Ballerina

Tutu was a ballerina with a pretty frock and dainty little ballet shoes. Wendy, Tutu’s owner carried her to all the ballet performances. – Tutu enjoyed the performances very much.

But the other toys were jealous of her. They found that though Tutu was dressed like a ballerina she could not really dance. So they started teasing her about it. Tutu was very unhappy. She wanted to be friends with all the other toys. Suddenly, an idea struck her mind. Though the other toys could not go to the ballet she could bring the stories to them! She gathered them all around her and began telling them the story of The Swan Lake.

All the toys listened keenly. Tutu was able to bring the whole performance to life in front of their eyes.

From that day on, whenever Tutu went to a ballet performance, all the toys would be eagerly waiting up for her to listen to her stories.


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2022-06-22 05:12:56
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2022-06-21 19:28:08 9k Funny Memes
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2022-06-21 05:44:43
The Thirsty Crow

One day a crow was feeling very thirsty. On a hot summer day, she flew here and there in search of water but in vain. She continued to search hard but couldn’t find any water to quench her thirst. Then after a long time, she found a pitcher, with a little water in it.

The neck of the pitcher was too long and the water level too low. The crow could not reach the water with her beak. She saw many pebbles around. Suddenly, the crow had an idea. She picked thepebbles one by one and dropped them in the pitcher. And lo! The level of water slowly rose to the top. The crow drank it thirstily. She was very happy.

This story proves that if you try hard enough you can overcome any problem.


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