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Logo of telegram channel tgx_android — Telegram X
Logo of telegram channel tgx_android — Telegram X
Channel address: @tgx_android
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Language: English
Subscribers: 80.38K
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Developer's personal channel.
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The latest Messages

2023-08-03 16:19:00 Telegram X was updated to version

– Built-in translation tools
– Advanced text formatting
– Emoji statuses
– Internal voice calls improvements
– Now relies on public TDLib version & OpenSSL 1.1.1u for encryption
– Other improvements and bugfixes.

Read more:
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2023-04-02 21:35:18 Telegram X was updated to version

– Access up to 200 recent stickers
– Emoji 15.0 support
– Automatic switch between proxies
– Indicator near menu button on main screen
– Resolved an issue when resuming paused download of any media type could ignore the downloaded part and start from the beginning
– Other improvements and bugfixes.

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2023-03-15 18:39:18 Telegram X was updated to version

It includes over 40 fixes of crashes and bugs, optimizations for low end devices and overall stability improvements.

You can always check the list of changes in the Telegram X source code in Settings — Changes in Source Code.

List of changes in TDLib source code will be available here within couple days.
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2023-03-09 12:18:16 Telegram X was updated to version

Brief overview of new features and changes:
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2022-10-07 17:21:17 Telegram X was updated to version

Brief overview of new features and changes:

We also announce the second round of the contest for Android developers:

Anyone can participate by submitting pull requests to the repository that address at least one of three tasks until October 30th, 23:59 Dubai Time.
14.9K viewsV, 14:21
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2022-09-16 20:15:41 Starting beta Telegram X supports displaying custom emoji in all places of the app.

To get this version, you may subscribe to beta through this link and receive it like a regular update through Google Play.

Alternatively, you may download an APK from this official channel. also comes with many new features and bugfixes. You can the check source code and full list of changes on GitHub: #217, #205.
18.2K viewsVyacheslav, 17:15
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2022-06-20 22:19:57
Telegram X just got #1 on the trending repositories list:

If you have a GitHub account, make sure to star the repository to help it to reach more developers.
9.7K viewsVyacheslav, 19:19
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2022-06-18 13:52:03 Telegram X Android Competition: Round 1

Prize fund for Round 1: $25,000.
Deadline: 23:59 on July 2nd (Dubai time).
Who can participate: Everyone.
Results announcement: July 12th, 2022.

The Task is to implement message reactions identical to the demo materials of TGX attached below, including all the animations, layouts, and other visual effects:

• You should use the Telegram X source code available on GitHub.
• You must avoid using an existing codebase of the same functionality from other Telegram clients.
• Final result must be submitted as a ready-to-merge pull request to the repository on the deadline date.

Your pull request should support:
1. Sending a reaction to each message type in private chats, groups, and channels. When holding down an emoji in the reactions panel, the app is expected to display a full-screen animation effect once the reaction is sent.
2. Allowing a user to set their preferred Quick Reaction in Settings.
3. Accessing the list of reacted users in groups in the following ways:
• Press and hold the specific reaction button for a quick view.
• Open the 'Reacted' list to show a multi-tab interface, with individual sections for each reaction emoji. Users should be able to switch tabs via a swipe gesture.
4. Turning message reactions on or off in group and channel management – including the ability for admins to disable and enable individual reaction emoji from the list.
5. Display an unseen reaction badge both in the chat list and inside the conversation.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. The overall code quality will be a top priority, aside from animation smoothness and overall stability. Make sure to get familiar with the project structure and guide for contributors before getting started. Reaction code should keep in mind possible future use on other screens outside of the task (i.e. placing reactions through shared media).
2. The implemented features should not impact existing functions, like causing the app to crash when interacting with other features.
3. Ensure the app is free of major glitches, interface jumps, and severe layout issues.
4. Your app should run smoothly on a wide range of devices. In the evaluation stage, we will test with several devices, including Samsung Galaxy (A51, S10, S21 Ultra), Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, and more.
5. Implementing a clearly better sticker render (i.e. less disk space usage, better FPS, less CPU usage) will be considered a major advantage, but only after completing all other parts of the task.
6. Attempts to impersonate someone else's work (i.e. submitting a copy of someone else's pull request) will lead to permanent disqualification from Telegram X contests and any potential reward systems in the future.

Contestants will be able to submit their entries to @ContestBot at the end of this round. We will further clarify the submission instructions closer to the deadline.

P.S. For the next stage, we expect to only invite contestants who achieve 3rd place or higher in this round.
13.2K viewsVyacheslav, 10:52
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2022-06-18 13:52:02 In case you ever wanted to contribute to Telegram X — now is the best time.

Here's the contest in case you missed it yesterday:
12.6K viewsVyacheslav, 10:52
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