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The Paranormies Present

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Logo of telegram channel theparanormiespresent — The Paranormies Present
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Your favorite show. Esoterica, Occult, Conspiracies, and so much more.
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2024-04-15 13:30:56
Archaix featuring Johnny Monoxide and Alt Skull | AI Madness with the Paranormies

If you're going to talk about a weird topic, may as well bring in some weirdos, right? Our friends, The Paranormies volunteered to guide us through this AI madness.

Johnny and Skull join Jason for a deeeep discussion of AI, dystopian future reckoning, Dead Internet, digital psy-ops, and the transhumanist plan to merge man with the machine that ain’t gonna work on us. Really great show if I do say so myself!

15.3K viewsAlt Skull️, 10:30
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2024-04-15 01:39:18
Thank you for 30,000!!!

Your support and contribution mean so much to us, seriously!

Please follow these friends of ours and always remember…

Time Travel Makes You Gay


And follow OUR favorite conspiracy channels here:

15.7K viewsJohnny Monoxide, edited  22:39
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2024-04-06 19:52:17
How Does NASA "Predict" Eclipses?

Using the Saros Cycle. 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours. The Saros Cycle has been used for over 5000 years, since ancient Babylonian times.

They don't use heliocentric math. Heliocentrism doesn't predict a damn thing. It can't.

16.5K viewsAlt Skull️, edited  16:52
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2024-04-03 07:52:15
Eclipse paths from 2024 and 2017 go opposite of Sun and Moon Rotation!! Why?

Been wondering this myself. How can the eclipse paths go in completely opposite directions to make an X pattern?

15.0K viewsAlt Skull️, edited  04:52
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2024-03-27 20:29:29
They didn't notice.
14.4K viewsBoSS HawG PurE_bLOOD , 17:29
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2024-03-15 15:33:58
Measuring the energy in the air.

This is wild.

Makes me wonder if that story about Ben Franklin and the kite was some kind of truth drop.

18.7K viewsAlt Skull️, 12:33
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2024-02-27 20:52:45 How much bullshit and also man-hating can you possibly pack into a single article contest winner.
16.5K viewsAlt Skull️, 17:52
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2024-02-06 00:10:54
Cell service comes to a corner of Antartica
13.4K viewsBoSS HawG PurE_bLOOD , 21:10
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2024-02-04 18:01:46
two things: 1) i believe him 2) what the fuck (watch the video) @TheParanormiesPresent @AltSkull48
15.3K viewsAlt Skull️, 15:01
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2024-01-29 17:45:33
Facade of an 1890s building revealed during renovation. Cincinnati OH


* the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space

* an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality; a superficial appearance or illusion of something

They covered the Old World up. It would be too unpleasant and incredible a reality for people to comprehend today, so instead, they believe this comfortable lie called HIS STORY.

14.4K viewsJohnny Monoxide, 14:45
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