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The Art of Programming

Logo of telegram channel theprogrammingart — The Art of Programming T
Logo of telegram channel theprogrammingart — The Art of Programming
Channel address: @theprogrammingart
Categories: Technologies
Language: English
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A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers. 💻

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The latest Messages

2023-10-01 23:07:49 Reflections on Ten Years Past the Snowden Revelations
12.7K views20:07
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2023-05-10 10:30:39 Can You Trust a Compiler to Optimize Your Code?
22.2K views07:30
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2023-01-13 22:06:14 The yaml document from hell
44.9K views19:06
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2022-04-18 10:23:53 Linux in a Pixel Shader - A RISC-V Emulator for VRChat
6.5K views07:23
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2021-12-29 11:06:35 Preventing Log4j with Capabilities
3.8K views08:06
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2021-12-05 15:30:45 An inside look into the illicit ad industry
5.2K views12:30
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2021-11-15 03:59:19 The distant legacy of terminal emulators
3.9K views00:59
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2021-06-01 10:00:02 Trans rights are human rights.
3.3K views07:00
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2021-04-11 23:30:54 The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme
161.5K views20:30
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2021-03-14 16:58:23 Turning vaguely reassuring finite-state machines into regular expressions

The equivalence of regexes and state machines is fairly well known, but not often demonstrated in this direction!
168.4K views13:58
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