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2024-05-17 16:37:40
Singapore strongly condemns the attack on Ulu Tiram police station in Johor, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry also urged Singaporeans in or travelling to Malaysia to exercise vigilance and take precautions for their personal safety. https://str.sg/uK9o
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2024-05-17 14:00:07
#stpotd: (For subscribers) Check out these eateries with toilets featuring Dyson hand dryers, a Super Mario theme and waterfall taps. https://str.sg/8iGq

What do you think of these luxe lavatories?
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2024-05-17 11:50:55
A private-hire driver took advantage of a drunk passenger by pulling her skirt up and recording images of her body, which he then sent to his friends.

He later raped the victim at a deserted spot, and bragged to a friend he was “lucky” she had been unconscious. He was sentenced to 11 years' jail. https://str.sg/bUyo
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2024-05-17 08:51:43
2 cops and an assailant have been killed in an attack at a police station in Johor on May 17.

The suspect is believed to be a member of the Jemaah Islamiyah extremist group. https://str.sg/w24vR
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2024-05-17 08:22:10
The 15-year-old girl who lived in a Circuit Road wet market stall will be staying with foster parents. Any contact between the girl and her father while she is in foster care will be closely supervised, said MSF. https://str.sg/aZMM
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2024-05-17 07:30:58
All foreigners arriving in Singapore can now use the automated lanes at Changi Airport to clear immigration. https://str.sg/iKp6
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2024-05-17 07:00:01
Received a dubious text message? This new service can help verify messages, images and online videos via a WhatsApp bot. https://str.sg/kv8R
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2024-05-17 03:30:01 News for your morning!

Punggol Digital District takes shape, with two-thirds of space pre-committed
READ: https://str.sg/AnQ2

Data leak reveals links between money laundering accused Su Jianfeng and sale of Dubai properties
READ: https://str.sg/xWFH

HDB calls for ideas from architectural community to rejuvenate Bukit Merah town centre
READ: https://str.sg/vcWS

Stay in the know: https://str.sg/wyYP
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2024-05-16 18:20:04
The SCDF firefighter who died in the line of duty has been identified as 30-year-old Captain Kenneth Tay Xue Qin.

The regular officer was a stellar rota commander who completed training for the role in July 2018. https://str.sg/5ANq
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2024-05-16 13:16:08
The bout of hot weather in May is expected to continue for the rest of the month.

The rainy weather in Singapore is expected to persist, but it will ease in the last week of May, says the weatherman. https://str.sg/nZjB
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