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Trade order

Logo of telegram channel tradeorder — Trade order
Logo of telegram channel tradeorder — Trade order
Channel address: @tradeorder
Categories: Economics , Investments
Language: English
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A master was once a beginner...

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this telegram is a fraud channel , he shows some trade image and collect money 5k month, 1year 10 k , he will not share any of the trades which u shows in telegram channel , pls pls don't subscribe this channel , he never replay or he speaks , he will chart smart and collect money

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2023-05-15 13:14:28
7.1K views10:14
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2023-05-15 13:14:20 #Trade_Calls ( PRIME Broadcast )

No jackpot calls this and that stuffs
I'll personally trade in all the calls

40k is enough to take one trade setup
F&O Calls.... intraday/positional

Expect 30+ option calls in a month
Only Best trades are posted in PRIME

Clear Entry and Exit ll b updated
I am not part of ur profit/Loss

Trade Calls given in WhatsApp
Messages sent via PRIME Broadcast

I make decent money via trading
So,I will never convince anyone to join

Ask me only about Prime Broadcast
Silly questions won't be entertained by me

ping me..... @Praveenmaxter
7.1K views10:14
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2023-05-15 13:14:17
5.3K views10:14
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2023-05-15 13:14:07
5.2K views10:14
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2023-05-15 13:13:59
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2023-05-15 13:13:44
PRIME yearly
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2023-05-15 13:13:31
PRIME monthly
5.6K views10:13
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2023-05-15 07:21:49
Long Setup
9.4K views04:21
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2023-05-15 07:14:11
Long Setup
9.8K views04:14
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2023-05-15 07:10:09
Long Setup
10.0K views04:10
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