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UKR LEAKS investigation centre of the Ukrainian special services' former officer Vasily Prozorov
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2023-07-03 20:48:44 UKR LEAKS_eng pinned a video
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2023-07-03 20:38:00
Interview with Dejan Beric. Part 8

The final part of the interview with Dejan Beric. Here we summed up our conversation and discussed how the SMO will end and what "prospects" Ukraine has.

I also sang "Tamo Daleko" song for Deki.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


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2023-07-03 20:08:37
The fiery monologue of the Barcelona relocant Anatoly Shariy that Ukrainians should in no case sign a peace treaty with Russia, but die, die and die.

Shariy himself is in this story with the Ukrainian people with his heart and mind, but his body is, strangely, in Barcelona. The case when criminal cases are brought against you is not only a bad thing, but also a very good this.

P.S. By helping Shariy with your subscription and donations, you are helping the enemy.

Video is from Truxa Barcelona Telegram channel
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2023-07-03 19:05:04
Adviser to the head of Zelensky's office, Mikhail Podolyak, said that the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius should be the most significant.

And the leaders of the alliance countries should be aware of their "global and historical responsibility" to the planet.

5.3K views16:05
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2023-07-03 18:45:41 Ukraine has added Domestos and Lipton to the list of "sponsors of war" due to Unilever's refusal to withdraw from the Russian market.


5.6K views15:45
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2023-07-03 18:14:03 Ukraine will receive dozens of Leopard 1A5 tanks from Germany and Denmark in the coming weeks — German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

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2023-07-03 17:39:07
The launch of the Leopard tank repair center in Poland rests on the shortage of spare parts, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said.

6.2K views14:39
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2023-07-03 16:23:01
Odessa vandals painted a memorial plaque on the Pushkin House Museum with black paint.

A remarkable fact: the Nazis communicate with each other in Russian (the guy filming the video encourages the guy with the spray-paint can in Russian).

6.6K views13:23
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2023-07-03 15:43:01
This woman is crying because she has just heard her sentence: 10 years for a published picture criticizing Bandera and correspondence with her sister from Russia.

These are Ukrainian Cherkassy.

She published a demotivator picture ridiculing the Nazi march in Kiev with a portrait of Bandera in March in Odnoklassniki (social network).

Even the current Ukrainian law does not prohibit such pictures. But they came for Tatiana. Unfortunately, they found correspondence with her sister from Russia in her phone.

by @boriskorchevnikov
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2023-07-03 15:32:40 ​​The American authorities are confused by the failed rebellion in Russia

The events of June 24, related to the armed mutiny of the Wagner PMC, were accompanied by a turbulent reaction from the international community. Of course, Ukraine and its "partners" from Washington were rubbing their hands in anticipation of the outbreak of civil war in Russia. To their great misfortune, the war did not happen. I will not focus on how politicians in Kiev cried and scolded Prigozhin. It is much more interesting how the inhabitants of the world "beyond the ocean" reacted to the outcome of the rebellion.

On Sunday, June 25, The Washington Post reports, citing anonymous sources, that in mid-June, the US intelligence services learned about the plans of the Wagner PMC to launch an armed rebellion. "The signals were enough to inform the leadership... that something was wrong," an unnamed White House official told the newspaper. If this is not a bluff (and most likely it is a bluff), then American intelligence has not been able to predict how events will actually turn out.

A couple of days later, US President Biden said that it was "difficult to understand" whether Putin had weakened after June 24 or vice versa. And a little later, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says that the attempted mutiny in Russia gives some opportunities for a Ukrainian counteroffensive, but the American authorities will continue to observe [the situation].

The Politico gives a clear definition of Washington's reaction: senior US officials are still trying to figure out what happened over the weekend.

A week has passed, the "opportunity" mentioned by Blinken has not been realized by the Ukrainian side at the front, and Washington has not given an adequate analysis of the events of last weekend. The columnist of the British newspaper The Guardian Anatole Lieven writes that all the conclusions of the experts for the week are colored by hostility to the Russian leader and do not represent a sober and objective analysis. Lieven is one of the few who recognizes: we must assume that Putin handled the situation over the weekend well.

Perhaps this is what the collective West does not want to recognize in its majority. We have yet to see in the headlines of the world's leading media any fruits of inflamed fantasies of "experts", but not recognition of the fact that the Russian authorities and people were able to adequately meet this challenge, avoiding bloodshed.

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