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Welcome to the Unacademy Emerge Community for Learners and their parents alike.
If you have been wondering how to Emerge in life, or how to help your child Emerge in life, then this the right Community Channel for you.

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2021-06-30 22:27:06
Let’s talk about stress management
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2021-06-25 05:58:00
Hello Emerge Fam!
Here’s a post on how to build your child’s self esteem & boost confidence.

A parents voice is the voice of the consciousness.

As a child grows up into an adult how he/she feels about them self/ talk to them self - the inner talk is usually in the tonality they are spoken to!

1.7K views02:58
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2021-06-21 22:17:03 Hello Emerge Fam!

Welcome to Monday Mastery

Today we want to talk about the Myers Briggs test.

An interesting introspective personality test that give you an understanding of how people perceive the world & make decisions.

I have found it quite fun & apt. You can try it out quickly & make a note of results.

It will be fun to gauge the accuracy of the results!


Here’s a link to the test!
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2021-06-19 11:40:08
Hello Emerge Fam!
Here’s something new for you to Learn - how do you set up a S.M.A.R.T goal!

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2021-06-17 21:36:45
Hello Emerge Fam!

We are back with Therapy Thursdays!

These are hard times & mindful communication is key.

Here’s a useful article GMA Public Affairs that speaks about Toxic Positivity!

You can:

Actively Listen

Take a moment to respond

Respond with grace

Hope you found this helpful!
3.5K views18:36
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2021-06-16 19:41:06
Hello Emerge Fam!
We are back with Wednesday Wizardry

Today we want to talk about the magic of positive communication!
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2021-06-15 20:47:29
Hello Emerge Fam!
This Tuesday let’s talk about what’s Trending & that’s Unacademy’s very own Mega Aptitude Test - Emerge!

What’s new about Emerge!
1. Emerge is not restricted to school syllabus, albeit making it the best opportunity to gauge math skills & understand performance areas!

2. Unacademy is releasing prizes worth 5CR to ensure that learners who perform have rewards to look forward to!

Here’s more on the test!

5 days to go!

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2021-06-14 18:44:21
Hello Emerge Fam!

We are back with Monday Mastery

Just a quick reminder that kids develop 80% of their brains by the age 5!

It’s the right age to lay foundation rocks for your kids life.

Building smart habits & teaching them choice are key!

Researchers say teaching your child the difference between right & wrong is more important than reinforcing the right deliberately.

It helps develop perspective & builds character.

Happy Parenting!
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2021-06-12 08:11:30
Good Morning Emerge Fam!

Welcome to Scholarly Saturdays where we want to learn one new thing.

Today’s topic is MASLOW’S Hierarchy of Needs.

This framework is a five tiered pyramid which talks about different physiological & psychological needs a person requires before self actualisation.

As a parent you can apply this framework to your child & check for the fulfilment level for each stage.

For instance if your child is confident & has high self-esteem it’s likely that he is en route to self actualisation!

Hope you liked learning about this!

Have a great Saturday
Image Credit: CFI
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2021-06-11 21:10:23
Hello Emerge Fam!
Physical fitness & mental fitness go hand in hand. Some quick tips above to help you keep your mind organised.

Checklisting is a superpower! Don’t you think so?

It creates a vision for what you need to accomplish & the undeniable happiness when you strike a task out!

While we post this on Friday, hope you can use to boost your productivity the coming weekend!

Happy Weekend !
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