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World Doctors Alliance

Logo of telegram channel worlddoctorsalliance — World Doctors Alliance
Logo of telegram channel worlddoctorsalliance — World Doctors Alliance
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Official WDA independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures.

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2023-07-25 14:56:41 We need to unite and stop bickering. Mark Sexton is a British hero, despite his continuing support of Birmingham City. Listen to him. A finer man is hard to find.
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2023-07-25 14:08:53
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2023-07-25 13:17:38
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2023-07-25 11:44:57
Get your shot he said then.. and now
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2023-07-25 09:09:44

I think I was working at Wyeth at this date, 1979. I’d just left school and had a manual job running microbiology air plates in production (they made spray dried SMA baby milk in that plant). Of course, you’ve no idea what the rest of the company does. I have a feeling they also made birth control pills and we joked they’d get you as a customer one way or another. Not funny now.

Famously, they also made vaccines. It appears that in 1979, management was aware of baby deaths after their products were injected. Instead of sorting it out, the memo proposed to distribute the implicated batches more widely, so that in no location would a signal of note arise. Does it get any more cynical than this??

Best wishes
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2023-07-25 08:59:53
"Rome hits 41.8C temperature record as Covid-style protocols rolled out for heatwave"
REALITY: Maximum recorded temperature in Rome was instead 40°C which is not unusual.
"COVID STYLE PROTOCOLS"? No evidence of this anywhere! They want the reader to believe some kind of lockdown was imposed, why are they trying to create this association? Is this once again a nudging manipulation going on? Let's read further down to see what the article actually says:

"Italian emergency rooms have been ordered to activate “heat codes”, where specialist teams of staff deployed to deal with patients whose symptoms are being exacerbated by the heat. The system was last used in the coronavirus pandemic."

Given the alleged "pandemic" lasted 3 years, this simply means that the last time heat related codes were applied in emergency rooms was in the last 3 years, and nothing more.
So why are they instead trying to imply that Italy applied lockdowns because of the heat, which itself was normal for Italy?
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2023-07-25 08:57:42
Birth control
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2023-07-25 08:56:24,biggest%20danger%2C%E2%80%9D%20he%20said.
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2023-07-25 00:53:20

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2023-07-24 23:28:11
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