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Yet another Java channel about programming

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2021-12-01 23:15:10 Hello everybody 🙋‍♂️

Today I've met some excellent articles and I'm happy to share them with you.

https://catonmat.net/bash-one-liners-explained-part-one - working with files
https://catonmat.net/bash-one-liners-explained-part-two - working with strings
https://catonmat.net/bash-one-liners-explained-part-three - this one made my day 😍 It's about redirections of input/output

We believe that almost every developer should be in close acquaintance with bash. If you didn't read https://t.me/yajc_java/9 yet, don't waste your time and get to it as soon as possible.

In one of the coming articles we'll mix user input and file redirections to process file with a Java program.
#beginner #bash #linux
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2021-11-30 13:20:55 Hello everyone 🙋‍♀️
It’s time to meet a tool which allows us to communicate to users of our app.
In this article you will study Scanner class. It could wrap System.in and provide a convenient way to read user input.
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2021-11-25 23:56:16 https://telegra.ph/Keep-compiled-files-together-11-25
#beginner #java #compiler
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2021-11-23 22:08:40
Hello 👋
Today we would like to offer you some helpful web resources you can use to improve your coding skills.
https://leetcode.com/ and https://www.codewars.com/
We use these platforms personally to hone our programming skills.

Each platform provides variety of tasks divided by complexity and topics.
You can find a sample view of leetcode in the attachment.

On the left part you have a task description, some examples and constraints. On the right - you need to implement a method/class in order to pass all the tests the task creators have prepared for you.
After you complete the task you will be given a feedback how fast your solution is and you will be able to see other solutions to learn how you could do it better (and we believe you should do it).

There are many other platforms, so you can find your favorite one. Just keep practicing and one day you'll be quite self-confident and almost any task will seem a piece of cake for you 😋
#medium #algorithm
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2021-11-23 00:00:51 https://telegra.ph/Files-11-22
#beginner #java #file
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2021-11-20 02:31:30 https://telegra.ph/Java-Package-11-19
#beginner #java
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2021-11-18 21:22:07
What should we focus on in the following posts?
Anonymous Poll
Basics of programming
Object-oriented programming
Java Standard Edition (libs and core concepts)
Projects which solve real tasks
Frameworks (Spring, etc.)
Building tools (Maven, Gradle, SBT)
22 voters146 views18:22
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2021-11-17 22:00:28 https://telegra.ph/Draw-in-console-overview-11-17
#beginner #java
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2021-11-16 06:16:01 https://telegra.ph/Draw-in-console-11-15
#beginner #java #console
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2021-11-15 10:12:01 https://telegra.ph/Very-simple-Java-program-11-14
#begin #java
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2021-11-14 15:44:47 https://telegra.ph/Install-Java-in-terminal-11-14
#begin #java
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2021-10-20 21:41:36 Java Primitives
Software development is all about solving problems and tasks.

Every task is similar to one of:
- calculation on numbers
- images processing (pixels are also numbers)
- text data processing
- User Interface
- transferring data over network
- other data manipulation

In all your programs you will work with simple data structures, they could be combined together to create a new data structure. But at the end any data structure could be handled as a set of numbers.

So don't hesitate and get acquainted with the basic building blocks for any Java program in this wonderful article: https://www.baeldung.com/java-primitives 📗
#begin #java
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2021-08-31 23:29:15 https://telegra.ph/Java-Roadmap-08-31
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2021-08-18 06:00:08 Let’s get familiar with Command Line interface.

We will get in touch with CLI using Ubuntu which is one of the Linux based operating systems.
We are happy to tell you that there is no need to install it instead of your main operating system (OS). You can avoid any complications related to OS installation to your local machine by installation of VirtualBox virtualbox.org - it will simulate a virtual computer. Please use the following tutorial with well explained installation steps itsfoss.com/install-linux-in-virtualbox/

We found a brilliant article introducing you to the new world of interaction with a computer ubuntu.com/tutorials/command-line-for-beginners#1-overview

Command line interface is powerful and convenient, but what is more important it is a must-have tool for any programmer 👩‍💻 Do not put it on a shelf and learn how to use it as soon as you can.
#begin #commandline
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2021-08-17 00:45:13 https://telegra.ph/The-first-Java-program-08-16
#begin #java
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2021-08-04 22:49:52 https://telegra.ph/The-beginning-08-04
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2021-06-24 14:41:32 Hello! If we see you here you must have heard about Java. Moreover you are here to find something new about this widely used programming language or learn it from scratch, right?
Let’s master Java together!
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2020-03-26 13:26:16 Channel created
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