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2024-04-12 05:43:09
SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete Developer's Guide

4.7 - 9034 votes Original Price: $74.99

Become an expert with SQL and PostgreSQL! Store and fetch data, tune queries, and design efficient database structures!

Taught By: Stephen Grider

Download Full Course Download All Courses
13.5K views02:43
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2024-03-14 10:10:47 The winner is: Learn Wi-Fi Password Penetration Testing (WEP/WPA/WPA2)
13.1K views07:10
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2024-03-14 02:01:56 This poll will end soon. Please cast your vote now.
13.9K views23:01
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2024-03-12 16:57:58 Alright, folks, ! You've now got the green light to upload files in the discussion group of this channel. That means you can share documents or whatever you need to spice up the conversation. However, here's the catch: no links allowed.

While you're free to upload files galore, let's keep those links tucked away for another time. So, fire up those uploads and let the sharing begin!
12.9K viewsedited  13:57
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2024-02-27 05:17:52 In a few days, we'll be launching another poll to select a new channel to create. If you have any topics you'd like to see included in the poll, please leave a comment below. Your input is valuable to us!
13.2K views02:17
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2024-02-16 23:13:12 We will upload : Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide [2023 Edition] too as a gift from @Zero_to_mastery
23.0K views20:13
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2024-02-16 23:10:54 The winner is: React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB - The MERN Fullstack Guide
21.8K views20:10
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2024-02-16 18:22:54 The vote will end at 4000 votes
22.7K views15:22
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2024-02-14 13:14:34 This poll will end soon. Please cast your vote now.
The top 2 votes will be featured in the channel.
27.5K views10:14
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2024-02-09 03:07:35 Hey everyone,

It seems like some of us aren't taking the channel's votes seriously enough. It's crucial for our community's well-being that we all respect the outcomes of the votes, even if they don't match our personal preferences.

Remember, every vote counts, and even if the result isn't what we hoped for, it's important to accept it gracefully. This applies even when the vote is close – every opinion matters, and we should honor the collective decision-making process.

Let's collaborate to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued and respected. Thank you for your attention, and let's continue to make our channel a welcoming place for all members.

Best regards, The Admin
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