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2021-12-12 06:43:28 WE ARE LIVE NOW
202 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 03:43
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2021-12-12 01:02:11 Streaming the fight here:
474 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 22:02
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2021-12-11 23:27:08 For those interested in watching Katie Taylor vs Firuza Sharapova & Conor Benn vs Chris Algieri
790 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, edited  20:27
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2021-12-11 15:30:21 Unvaxxed In Austria Could Be Imprisoned For A Year

People in Austria who remain unvaccinated could find themselves imprisoned for a year, according to critics of an amendment to an administrative law.
285 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 12:30
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2021-12-11 02:52:12 Aftershow and the open panel is open
757 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 23:52
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2021-12-11 02:43:26 Had a good chat with Tom Sewell this evening, he is in good spirits and hopefully a show will happen soon 💪
368 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 23:43
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2021-12-11 01:24:45 You can now join our open panel:
1.1K viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 22:24
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2021-12-10 23:00:19 We are LIVE featuring Mercian, Moe & Doovid. I may open the panel at 9pm.
1.8K viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 20:00
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2021-12-10 22:08:48 Jayda Fransen is LIVE. We will be live after this show at 8pm.
454 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 19:08
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2021-12-10 20:57:58 Join us tonight live from 8pm where I’ll be hosting a debate featuring Mercian, Moe & Doovid. I may open the panel at 9pm.
2.2K viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 17:57
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2021-12-10 19:34:06
Jailed for 6 months for making monkey noises at a football match….
337 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 16:34
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2021-12-10 08:22:57
The King's Torah,

rabbinic instruction manual outlining acceptable scenarios for killing non-Jewish babies, children and adults.

'Thou Shalt Not Murder' applies only "to a Jew who kills a Jew," write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are "uncompassionate by nature" and attacks on them "curb their evil inclination," while babies and children of Israel's enemies may be killed since "it is clear that they will grow to harm us."

author Elitzur wrote an article in a religious bulletin a month after the book's release saying that "the Jews will win with violence against the Arabs”

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, son of former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, blessed the authors and wrote that many "disciples of Torah are unfamiliar with these laws."

Dov Lior, chief rabbi of Kiryat Arba and a respected figure among many mainstream religious Zionists, noted that the book is "very relevant especially in this time."
278 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 05:22
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2021-12-09 22:52:31
What are you?
Anonymous Poll
Flat Earther
Round Earther
Don’t care
189 voters638 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 19:52
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2021-12-07 23:55:13 Kieran Bales will be taking part in a 5k 'tough mudder' on Saturday 23rd April 2022 to raise money in aid of National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and in memory of 6 year old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, and every donation will help.

If you wish to help raise funds please donate here:

I will be making a video about this horrific story in the near future.
137 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, edited  20:55
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2021-12-07 22:50:34
A mural of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes has appeared in Birmingham. ⚽️ ❤️
122 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 19:50
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2021-12-07 21:08:30 Nick Griffin is now doing a live Q&A
485 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, edited  18:08
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2021-12-07 12:36:03 Sir Oswald Mosley of Ancoats, 2nd Baronet 1785 1871

British politician and writer,_2nd_Baronet,_of_Ancoats



Deb 22 May 1833

said, that if the Bill now before the House were permitted to pass into a law, the Legislature would no longer deserve the name of Christians. He should oppose the measure for the removal of the disabilities of Jews, whose case bore no analogy, as had been argued, to that of Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholics though many errors might have crept into their Church, were Christians, and he believed, that among them there were as many pious and conscientious communicants as belonged to any other Christian body or sect

In short, he for one hoped never to see such a Bill carried,
for he thought such an event would open the Hood-gates of ultra-toleration upon the Legislature of the land
166 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 09:36
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2021-12-07 11:30:22
Marconi scandal

The Marconi scandal was a British political scandal that broke in mid-1912. Allegations were made that highly placed members of the Liberal government under the Prime Minister H. H. Asquith had profited by improper use of information about the government's intentions with respect to the Marconi Company.
The allegations included the fact that Isaacs' brother, Godfrey Isaacs, was managing director of Marconi.

It is the fashion to divide recent history into Pre-War and Post-War conditions. I believe it is almost as essential to divide them into the Pre-Marconi and Post-Marconi days. It was during the agitations upon that affair that the ordinary English citizen lost his invincible ignorance; or, in ordinary language, his innocence […] I think it probable that centuries will pass before it is seen clearly and in its right perspective; and that then it will be seen as one of the turning-points in the whole history of England and the world. — G. K. Chesterton, 1936
164 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 08:30
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2021-12-07 05:12:32

935 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 02:12
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2021-12-07 02:59:54 Just hundreds of “mentally unwell” Muslims beating & setting lite to a Buddhist in Pakistan all because he allegedly took down a propaganda poster from a terrorist organisation in his work place.

283 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 23:59
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2021-12-07 01:31:46
Fuentes is right and that face at the end is just so glorious 🤣
303 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 22:31
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2021-12-06 21:04:12 Jim Dowson is now LIVE

Jayda Fransen will be live after Jim at 7pm.
322 viewsChris Patriotic Talk, 18:04
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2021-12-06 20:32:24
Public Annoyance aka Pubic Embarrassment is
Anonymous Poll
1 A liar
2 A mental case
3 Brainwashed and used by the Jews
4 A dirty skank
5 An Abuser and bully. Always shouting on VN's to intimidate people
6 A Narcissist who dreams of being famous
7 An unwashed twat
8 Police grass
9 Alleged child abuser
10 All of the above
106 voters198 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 17:32
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2021-12-06 17:52:16
200 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 14:52
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2021-12-06 14:55:29
Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury knocks Deontay Wilder spark out in third fight
211 viewsMercian Chauvinist, 11:55
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