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2023-01-17 07:51:22 Agri current affairs for AFO/FCI/Nabard exams
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2023-01-17 06:33:07 Vertical section through a soil is called soil profile.

The relative proportion of sand, silt and clay in the soil know as soil texture.

The arrangement of primary particles and their aggregates into a certain definite pattern is called as soil structure.

Particle density or absolute density or gain density and bulk density are expressed in term of mg/m' or gms/cm³.

The weight of per unit volume of the solid portion of soil is called particle or real density. The mass (weight) per unit volume of dry soil is called as apparent or bulk density. Particle density (2.65 gm/c.c) is always higher than bulk density (1.33-165 gm/c.c)

Poudrette is called as night soil manure.

Gypsum is used for reclamation of alkali soils.

Sandy loam soil is light textured. Specific gravity of soil is 0.2 and for water it is 1.0.

One gram of soil contains 14 millions of microorganisms.

The macrospores in the soil generally constitute of soil air.

Vertisols is related to black soils. Red soil is found in Tamil Nadu. Fossils are found in sedimentary rocks.

The length of engineer chain is 100 ft. while Gunter chain is 66 ft.

Red soils are mainly falls under the Alfisols.

Clay soils can become as hard as a stone on drying.

The transfer of minerals from the top soil to sub soil through water is called as leaching.

Phosphorous fertilizer are fixed immediately after application in the soil.

Aspergillus niger is used to test the potassium element status in the soil.

Cation exchange capacity is expressed in term of me/100 g or c mol/kg.

Soil texture is an unchangeable soil property.
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2023-01-16 14:25:13 #Sericulture

It is a term used in biology to indicate the number of broods or generations of an organism in a year.

Univoltine (Monovoltine) - Referring to organisms having one brood or generation per year. (IBPS AFO 2020)

Bivoltine (divoltine)
Referring to organisms having two broods or generations per year

Multivoltine (Polyvoltine) - Referring to organisms having more than two broods or generations per year.

Semivoltine - Less than univoltine; having a brood or generation less often than once per year.
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2023-01-16 12:15:42 Agriculture Exams Library pinned a photo
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2023-01-16 12:15:39
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2023-01-16 09:36:31 Causes of colour/bitterness in fruits/vegetables

Yellow colour in papaya due to : Caricaxanthin.

Redness of apple is due to : Anthocyanin.

Red colour in tomato is due to: Lycopine.

Red colour in chilli is due to: Capcyanthin.

Pungency in chilli is due to: Capsaicin.

Orange colour in carrot is due to: Carotene.

Red colour in carrot is due to: Anthocyanin

Yellow colour in turmeric is due to: Curcumin

Bitterness in cucumber is due to: Cucurbitacin.

Yellow colour of onion is due to : Quercetin

Red colour in onion is due to:

Pungency in onion is due to:
Allyl propyl di-sulphide.

Pungency in raphanus is due to : Isocyanate.

Pungency in mustard is due to : Glucosilates.

Pungency in garlic is due to:
Di allyl di sulphide.

Green colour in potato tuber due to: Solanin.

Sour taste of gram leaves is due to: Malic/oxalic acid.

Pungency in pepper is due to

Pungency in cabbage leaves due to: Sinigrin.

Complete Horticulture pdfs uploaded
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2023-01-16 06:51:07 1. Tractor operation in a lower gear causes–
(A) More pull✓ (B) Reduced pull
(C) Less torque (D) All of these

2. The dynamometer required for indoor testing is–
(A) Absorption (B) Torsion
(B) Brake (D) Chasis✓

3. The length of Engineer's chain (Ramsden's chain) is–
(A) 33 ft. (B) 66 ft.
(C) 50 ft. (D) 100 ft.✓

4. Valve timing diagram is a function of–
(A) Engine speed✓ (B) Torque
(C) Compression ratio (D) B. M. E. P.

5. Best speed to get minimum brake specific fuel consumption is–
(A) Minimum (B) Maximum✓
(C) Average (D) None

6. The maximum overall efficiency of a hydrostatic drive is–
(A) 60 % (B) 70 %
(C) 80 %✓ (D) 90 %

7. Brake testing is done at–
(A) Maximum speed (B) Minimum speed
(C) 25 kmph✓ (D) None of the above

8. Land plane is ideally suited for–
(A) Land levelling (B) Earth moving
(C) Final grading (D) Top finishing✓

9. Negative slip of tractor is obtained in field operation of–
(A) ploughing (B) interculture
(C) spraying (D) rota tilling✓

10. Calorific value of high speed diesel is kcal/ kg–
(A) 9,500 (B) 10,550✓
(C) 11,550 (D) 12,500
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2023-01-15 20:33:25
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