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Your body is capable of incredible things. Revealing all the secrets of biohacking 🧬

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2022-06-24 21:00:01
Useful morning routine - contrast shower

Cold therapy improves thyroid and mitochondrial functions.

Cold also helps you lose weight (because of the extra energy expenditure for warming up) and stimulates the production of norepinephrine, which eases pain.

To take full advantage of thermogenesis, try ending each shower with cold water, gradually increasing the time to 1 minute.
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2022-06-24 00:50:06
Ever felt a complete lack of motivation and enthusiasm?

The reason lies in reduced levels of the hormone dopamine. Dopamine is considered the "reward hormone.

You experience the highest levels of dopamine during the process of doing an activity rather than when you reach the goal of that activity. Dopamine also increases your motivation and determination, prompting you to take action.

It is often blamed for addictions and cravings for food, but that’s not entirely true.

Dopamine imbalance leads to this kind of behavior, that’s the way to balance it out.
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2022-06-22 21:00:03
The effects of sleep deprivation on our brains

There is scientific evidence that sleep deprivation can impair memory and cause Alzheimer's disease.

The fact is that during adequate sleep, brain cells remove toxic compounds that are destructive to the brain. If a person is chronically sleep-deprived, however, these compounds negatively affect brain cells.

Now you will always have the chance to choose a priority: to watch a couple more episodes of your favorite TV series or to give your brain a chance to recover properly.
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2022-06-22 00:57:40
What happens to your body in the sauna and how long can you stay in it?

More is not always better. The main thing is to keep to a limit. When it comes to going to the sauna, the rule is the same. What happens in the body?

5-10 min - you start to sweat & your body eliminates toxins
12 min - heart rate goes up
15 min - white blood cell count increases, growth hormone increases 5 times
20 min - optimal to benefit the cardiovascular system
20-30 min - heat shock protein response
30 min - blood sugar decrease, increase insulin sensitivity
30+ min - risk of dehydration
60 min - growth hormone increases 16 times
60 min - excessive loss of minerals, danger of heat shock

Sauna should be moderate, non-burning, at low to medium temperatures. Too high temperatures may not be beneficial, dangerous to health, especially for vascular health.
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2022-06-20 14:41:56
Causes of sugar addiction

Constantly craving sweets? Don't rush to call yourself a sweet tooth, the reasons may be different.

Emotional triggers. Eating out of boredom, fueling stress, homesickness, etc.

Inadequate intake of quality calories and fats. If you consume not enough calories, or sufficient but "empty" ones, your body will tend to make up the deficit with sweets.

Poor or insufficient sleep. Especially in women.

"Clogged" taste buds - years of eating industrial sweets, sodas, etc. with lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners "clog" our receptors, hyper-stimulate our pleasure center, causing us to keep craving artificial sweet nastiness.

Always keep this in mind when you get your next chocolate bar.
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2022-06-18 21:49:31
How to outwit your laziness and make the most of it

Keep these simple tips to inspire you to take action. Just give it a try.

Leave your phone and tablet in another room when you're reading or working. You won't feel like getting up for them, as a result you won't be distracted by them.

Take out your gym clothes in the evening and put them in a visible place. It's easier to put them on in the morning than to look for something else. This way you are more likely to exercise.

Log out of all your social media accounts to spend less time on them. Set very long passwords. Then you'll be too lazy to enter them next time.

On the weekends, you tend to be too lazy to get out of bed. Leave your phone in another room for the night so you don't have to spend the whole day with it. And you can wake up with a fitness tracker or a regular alarm clock.

If you're too idle to run, find someone to go out for a run with. In that case, it's easier to go out than to let the other person down.
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2022-06-15 08:41:22
Nutrient complex for effective brain function

Continuing the theme, a list of absolute mastheads for

Docosahexaenoic acid concentrate is a source of the most important omega-3 acid that selectively accumulates in brain cells and the visual system.

Phosphatidylserine is the most important component of brain cell membranes, not derived from brain cells of course, and from soy fruits.

Ginseng extract - the plant improves blood supply and nutrition of the brain.

Extract of Ginkgo Biloba, a relict plant containing flavonolglycosides. They help enhance memory and improve concentration.
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2022-06-14 01:41:26
What are nutrients and why do we need them?

To get into the world of good nutrition, you need to learn as much as you can about it. Today, let's look at an important term.

Nutrients are biologically important chemical elements that humans need in order to function normally. They are divided into macronutrients (these are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, lipids) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Scientists agree that the most important thing in the diet is not even the calories, but the balance of biologically important elements.

If you do not get enough of the necessary nutrients, any health, and even more so any increase in performance is out of the question.
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2022-06-13 01:15:24
How to know your biological age?

A single test cannot help. You can take a number of medical tests and then analyze the results. Biomarkers that indirectly indicate a person's biological age include:

inflammatory markers;
insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes;
protein synthesis and blood transport function;
also characterizing the immune system;
state of the liver and lung function.

One of the most easily measurable markers of biological age is systolic blood pressure.
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2022-06-12 00:17:13
Functional Nutrition

Such an approach involves using foods in the diet that are further enriched with healthy ingredients, such as vitamins, protein, and probiotics:

dairy products with probiotics and prebiotics;
cereals, baked goods and pastries that have been enriched with beneficial enzymes, vitamins and micronutrients;
beverage concentrates with health-promoting effects;
sports nutrition, etc.

Functional foods are not supplements or drugs. They are wholesome foods that you can include in your daily food intake.

They have positive effects on the body, including improving immune system function, helping you lose weight and preventing various diseases.
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