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Logo of telegram channel chikoroko — ❌
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🧸 ArToys is the platform that brings together designer toy collectors, artists, and brands. We provide a one-of-a-kind experience complete with easy access, daily surprises, and interactive social features.

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2022-04-11 22:00:09
Hi guys! It's Chiko and Roko here!

Today we want to tell you about the Waves that we have added to the description of all Common figures.

All ordinary toys have a different stock, from 888 to 58888 or more. Let's find out what each Wave means!

Wave 1: less than 1000 toys — drops we had from October to December.
Wave 2: 1000-10000 toys — drops we had from January to February.
Wave 3: greater than 10000 toys — drop we had from March.

We hope it’s more convenient now
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2022-04-11 18:16:41 Olá pessoal!
Como nossa comunidade de língua portuguesa está crescendo , gostaria de lembrar a todos os novos usuários que temos o nosso canal de bate papo oficial português !

Juntem-se a nós!
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2022-04-11 18:00:29 Hey there!
We have an exciting news for you!
On 13 of April, we will have a special Discord drop
Follow us there to get it

Are you ready?)
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2022-04-10 23:00:04 Hi, it’s Roko! The figure of the day is a skateboarder by Rafis Bulatov

«Skateboarding has always been associated with carefree and freedom. Roko's bright exterior image, which doesn't fit into the boring gray framework, emphasizes this. I've been a huge fan of extreme sports and everything that has something to do with it since I was a kid. It's one of my main sources of inspiration. You can see it in some of my work. And here it was no exception», Rafis says.

Rafis Bulatov — the creator of this figurine — 3D motion designer, digital artist. He works mainly in the direction of stylized art. But he also likes to experiment in his work.

Do you like the design? Put your reactions in comments!

See you tomorrow!
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2022-04-10 23:00:04
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