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Biometrics : 15th May 2022 Appointment date:17th may, 2022 Sta | F1 visa interview Experiences ❁

Biometrics : 15th May 2022
Appointment date:17th may, 2022
Location : Delhi
Appointment Time: 11.20 AM
In time: 10:40am(inside the interview room)
Queue outside was long and had to wait in line for 40 mins
Out time: 11:15am
University: University of Washington,Tacoma
Course: MS in business analytics
Counter No. 19
American Indian guy
Me: Hi! Good morning officer
VO: passport and i20 please
Me: passed
VO: seeing into his system for almost a minute (think he was looking at my ds-160)
Vo: Why this university
Me: This course aligns with my interest and tried to continue
Vo:come closer to Mike and let us forget everything and begin again
VO: scan your right hand 4 fingers
Me: done
VO: how many admits you have
Me: Total 3.other 2 are University at buffalo and university of Arizona
VO: how about your funding
Me: I have edu loan of xx,personal savings of xx and parents savings of xx amount(told all in lac)
VO: I see you have done your post graduation (with double quotes using his finger),when did you do it
Me: I did not hear clearly and thought he is asking why masters again and started saying.. as it will help me in my career
VO: miss,when did you complete your last masters course
Me:sorry officer,it was in 2018
VO: why did you wait so long to apply for masters again for this program
Me: I wanted to have management experience related to business operations... Tried to continue but
VO: ok your visa is approved,Took passport and put it in the tray
Me: I was still confused ..but told thanks officer you made my day with a happy face
VO: ya ya ,now get out of here .. in a poker face friendly way :)

I don't know if my experience will help anyone here as I do not have complete answers for questions but I wanted to share

I want to say this was my first time and I was very nervous but it is easier than you think if you look confident and sometimes your profile speaks more than you know .
No docs were asked .I was hardly there for 2 mins

I want to thank this group as I did go through a lot of experiences shared here and also prepared for mock independently and with a friend.
Tip: read through experiences here but have your own answers prepared and do not practice till last minute .Once you are inside forget everything and think of it as a normal interview.
Interviewers do not have a lot of time is what I noticed so keep your answers short
I wish all a very best with your visa.