Biometric: May 17, Delhi VI : 18th Delhi 10:30 In time: 9 am h | F1 visa interview Experiences ❁

Biometric: May 17, Delhi
VI : 18th Delhi 10:30
In time: 9 am
Out time: 9.45
Course: Ms in administration
Counter 18
American guy
Status: admin processing
Me: Good Morning officer. How are you?
Vo: passport and i20
Me : Ok, passed
Vo: how may universities have you applied to
Me: 4 universities including central Michigan- Gannon, bridgeport, trine
Vo: why Central Michigan University
Me: cmu provides a flexible course in terms of core courses and its electives. I have been a supervisor for the past year and I would like to enhance managerial skills.
Vo: Which company are you working in? (Saw the company name on ds-160, exclaimed, oh Saudi Arabia) what is noon.
Me: its an e commerce company based in middle east. Its a competitor to amazon.
Vo: you have completed your ug in 2014, whats your percentage?
Me: 55%
Vo: Did you write gre?
Me: No, it wasn’t required for the course
Vo: Tell me about your funding?
Me: My father and brother will be sponsoring me, my brother works as a procurement manager in saudi arabia and my father is a retired sales manager who worked in saudi arabia for the past 30 years.
VO: Any loan?
Me: No, the savings are sufficient.
VO looked at the screen for few minutes, grabbed yellow slip and wrote admin processing and kept my passport.
VO: I intend to approve your visa but I have to check something at my end before I do that.
Me: when can I expect my passport back because I have to fly back to ksa.
VO: as soon as I can, probably a day or two. You can ask more questions related to this on the desk over there.
The guy at the other desk told that it may take weeks for the process to be completed.

How much time would it take in such cases? Please advise thanks.