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Logo of telegram channel intelslava — Intel Slava Z
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Intel slava is a Russian News aggregator who covers Conflicts/Geopolitics and urgent news from around the world.
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2021-06-24 07:58:04 Everyone should know that Crimea is a red line and Russia will do everything to protect it.
3.6K views04:58
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2021-06-24 07:57:20
beale jonathan 's report from the HMS Defender today. Warning shots can be heard in the distance
1.5K viewsedited  04:57
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2021-06-24 07:14:05
The command bridge of the British destroyer HMS Defender during today's incident off the Russian coast.

The crew is equipped for combat alert.
1.8K views04:14
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2021-06-23 23:00:32
4.6K views20:00
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2021-06-23 22:31:52 The founder of McAfee antivirus, John McAfee, commits suicide in a Barcelona prison (el pais)
3.8K views19:31
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2021-06-23 20:54:10 #BREAKING
Witnesses say airstrike on busy market in Ethiopia's Tigray region kills dozens of people.
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2021-06-23 20:00:49
The Russian Ministry of Defense publishes footage of today's incident with a British destroyer.

Filming comes from the cockpit of a Russian aircraft that took part in the expulsion of the intruder, as well as from a UAV.
10.3K views17:00
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2021-06-23 17:55:03
BBC correspondent Jonathan Beale, on board the HMS Defender, says he heard shots fired but believed they were 'out of range.'

Russian jets can be heard in the background buzzing the British warship as Jonathan Beale gives his report from the HMS Defender's deck. (status-6)
3.4K views14:55
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2021-06-23 15:28:01
AIS data shows that HMS Defender was at it's closest around 10 nautical miles (18.5km/11.5mi) from the Crimean coast. The UN state that territorial waters can be up to 12 nautical miles. This would put HMS Defender 2 nautical miles or 3.7km inside 'Russian' waters around Crimea.
968 views12:28
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2021-06-23 15:21:43 British military attaché summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry after the border incident with the destroyer Defender
5.7K views12:21
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