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2021-10-20 07:14:54 Right now I am reading and studying tonight for next Sunday, (Romans 2:25-29) and I was led to a verse that has always captavated me and has always challnged my own view of myself.

It's a scripture that speaks about us meeting God for the first time face-to-face in His heaven. I think the great challenge for me is that I am so often grieved by my failures and shortcomings when following Jesus, that I tend to disqualify myself from seeing this verse as a reality for me and my future.

But the truth is - this is exactly what my future holds. That's because God keeps His promises and this verse is going to happen to me. But not only that, He has also promised me eternal life!

Just imagine - The God of all creation is going to be glad to have me there with Him. That challenges my faith because, what would such a great God as He is, have anything to do
with me as I am? - the answer is JESUS CHRIST !!!

"The LORD your God in your midst you, The Mighty One, will save you; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” - Zephaniah 3:17
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2021-10-18 18:20:31 So proud of my brother Sam Howell at North Carolina. Check out these highlights of this weekend‘s game. Pray for Sam when you think of him he’s a great young man with a great future in Christ.

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2021-10-15 23:58:36
Picture 1 from RealJackHibbs 2021-10-15 23:58:36
It’s time for you to wake up out of your fear and stop allowing yourself to be intimidated. Your cowardice has rendered you unfit to lead.
To the rest of us, it’s time to join the groundswell of hope, freedom and logic and stop stupidity from being imposed upon you, your family, your job and our nation.
It’s time for you take back your God given life - remember that? Your life belongs to God and no one else has that authority over you.
We are in the Last Days. Evil is loose and we must stand against it on all fronts! By doing so you will be letting your light shine before men the of this world, just as Jesus commanded.
It’s time to obey God rather than man!
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2021-10-15 19:58:23
Prepare your heart for Sunday service
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2021-10-14 01:54:04
Join us tonight in the Book of Hebrews as we continue our study on the Gifts of the Spirit: https://youtu.be/JFcM1cNPsFw
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