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Logo of telegram channel marienews — Marie/Rose News
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All the latest news about Marie, and her little sister Rose!
Marie Support: <deactivated>
Rose Support: @RoseSupportChat
Please go to the right chat for your questions!
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2024-01-28 19:05:25 Hi all,

Rose recently hit 600M total users ! This shows incredible growth, with no sign of slowing down - that's over 100M new users in just 6 months.

Since 500M, Rose has been updated with:
- New locks to support new Telegram updates.
- New formatting options to handle syntax highlighting and block quotes.
- A brand new documentation website - check out!
- New donation options.
- And LOTS of small usability updates (improved /id, rose introducing herself when added to groups, improved examples in the help, and much more).

I love to see just how much this bot, which I originally made for a small group of friends, has grown - and just how many groups it has had a positive impact for! Thank you all for the support, and am looking forward to seeing what new things get released over the next 100M!

And in other news... We also have a Rose update!

- Introducing the new Clean Commands module. This allows you to set Rose to auto-delete commands in your groups, for both users and admins. You can use it to avoid users accidentally tapping commands, or to keep your chat clean from admin actions. There are many possibilities!
- The help now mentions that it can't be translated when using non-english languages - hopefully helps clear up some confusion.
- Lots of upgrades and performance improvements.
- Updated all translations.

Thats all for today folks - enjoy :) And if you'd like to support Rose, and see us hit that next milestone, support us through Github Sponsors, crypto, or Tribute!
32.9K viewsPaul Larsen, edited  16:05
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2024-01-19 02:08:49 We are aware that Rose is currently offline. This seems to be caused by the hosting provider.

We are investigating and doing our best to get things back online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

This should now be fixed - apologies for the downtime!
29.8K viewsPaul Larsen, edited  23:08
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2023-12-25 13:09:32 Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the festive season, we'll be locking the support chat for the day, to give our volunteers a well deserved break. We'll be back tomorrow!
Edit: and we're back!

(In the meantime - check out roses /help, or the docs site at!)
53.2K viewsPaul Larsen, edited  10:09
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2023-11-28 21:56:08 Rose update!

- Improve markdown formatting to support telegram's syntax highlighting features. Please let us know if you have any issues with formatting following this update!
- Improve Rose's built-in antispam protection to avoid situations where group admins could be temporarily ignored when a group is being spammed by users.
- When logging joins via invitelinks, Rose will also log the invitelink name.
- Lock reasons now also support formatting.
- Fix /info command not showing the status for muted users correctly.
- Reports shouldn't reply in private (cant report to yourself!)
- Fixed a bug where disconnecting from a chat wouldn't update Rose's cache correctly.
- Lots of other small backend improvements and bug fixes.
- Updated languages (join us on crowdin!).

Enjoy :) And as usual, if you'd like to support Rose, you can use Github Sponsors, crypto, or Tribute.
18.2K viewsPaul Larsen, 18:56
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2023-10-21 22:02:00 Small Rose update, but BIG docs update!

- Introducing a brand new docs website! has now been updated with a new UI, as well as all the latest up-to-date information about Rose. And to make things even easier to use, it even has brand new search functionality! Hopefully, this can make it much easier for people to learn how to use Rose.
- Allow for blocklisting inline bots by ID
- Rose now introduces herself when she gets added to a group, linking the help and the docs website.
- Improved the help sections for raids, locks, and more.
- Lots of small bugfixes and improvements
- Updated languages

Enjoy :) And as usual, if you'd like to support Rose, you can use Github Sponsors, crypto, or Tribute!
15.5K viewsPaul Larsen, edited  19:02
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2023-10-05 00:16:26 Help Support Rose

Enjoying using Rose to protect your group? Show some love with a donation! Every bit helps. Thank you for your support!

(Trying out a new in-telegram donation method!)
24.1K viewsTribute, edited  21:16
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2023-09-02 14:20:44 Small Rose update:

- Updated the /donate command to list cryptocurrency and Github Sponsors as donation options.
- You can now blocklist specific inline bots; simply add inline:@username to the blocklist. See the help for more information.
- Added new examples to the CAPTCHA, Warnings, and Rules sections of the help.
- Improved error handling of connections; Rose will now remove unavailable connections from the "recent connections" list.
- Improve the usage of the enable/disable commands.
- Bugfixes and improvements.
- Updated translations.

If you'd like to see Rose speak your language, please contribute on crowdin!
Enjoy! :)
19.1K viewsPaul Larsen, edited  11:20
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2023-08-24 18:28:38 Small Rose update:

- Added new "story" lock, to stop people from sending user stories into your chats (from telegram's latest update).
- Bugfixes and improvements.
- Updated translations.

If you'd to like help with supporting Rose, check out GitHub sponsors, or our newly added crypto options. Enjoy! :)
30.4K viewsPaul Larsen, 15:28
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2023-08-13 13:01:14 Small Rose update:

- Bugfixes and improvements.
- Updated translations.
- Re-Added Serbian as a language. A big thank you to everyone that contributed to get this back since the last update!

If you'd like to see Rose speak your language, feel free to contribute on crowdin.

Enjoy :)
71.4K viewsPaul Larsen, 10:01
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2023-08-04 13:04:22 Telegram is currently experiencing difficulties.
Please don't spam the support chat asking about Rose; it's not a Rose issue, it's a telegram issue. Just wait for telegram to get stable again.

This seems to have been resolved. Telegram is back, and Rose should be functioning as expected again.
121.8K viewsPaul Larsen, edited  10:04
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