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Logo of telegram channel nicegramapp — Nicegram
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Best iOS Telegram Fork. Fast, secure and nice messaging app. Imagine the mix of powerful Telegram API, careful code optimization and unique features that deliver a whole new level of experience you can’t refuse!
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2023-11-23 18:22:24
Nicegram Assistant’s Exclusive Deals

Our special offers are designed to thank you for your engagement and to help you grow alongside our Nicegram community!

A glimpse of our special deals:

Virtual Visa Card – Safely complete your online transactions with a personalized PST.NET Visa Card in USD.

eSIM Plus – Enjoy global connectivity with virtual numbers from over 133 countries.

StickyLab – Effortlessly create and share engaging memes and stickers.

InLab – Make an impact with content that captures and holds your audience's attention.

$GRUM – a fair-launch, community-owned token with over 2,000 holders and 21 billion tokens (one of the most widely-held tokens on Bitcoin)

Your exclusive access awaits, so log into Nicegram Assistant right now!

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2023-11-20 18:24:58
Exciting updates and exclusive content await you on #Nicegram!

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2023-11-15 19:47:03
GRUM Trading Is Live Now on BitMart!

Hey Crypto Traders,

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived! GRUM is now actively trading on BitMart.

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Let's ride the wave of excitement with GRUM! Happy trading, everyone!
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2023-11-08 18:54:22
Say Hello to Our Updated Nicegram Assistant!

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2023-11-06 18:27:41
Did you know about Nicegram Navigation?

Here at #Nicegram, we're on a mission to make your journey through Nicegram's world an absolute breeze!

Follow our @NicegramNavigation for a seamless experience — access all our official social media links, chats, and channels effortlessly

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2023-11-02 17:56:07
Choosing the Best Messaging Experience: Nicegram vs. Telegram

While Telegram has its strengths, Nicegram pushes the envelope to deliver a superior messaging experience. What sets Nicegram apart?

Unleashed Communication:

Access blocked channels & groups, no VPNs required
Experience chat freedom, no blocked conversations
Multiple account mastery; juggle personal, business, and more

User-Centric Features:

"Double Bottom" – Conceal your chats and accounts effortlessl
Built-in ChatGPT assistant, LilyAI, ready to assist
Unique chat enhancements: quick replies, "mention all", and "select all"

Exclusive to Nicegram:

Unique Nicegram assistant
Virtual Сard benefits
An active Nicegram Community Hub
Enhanced chat with distinctive and spicy feature

Your chats, upgraded. Dive into the world of #Nicegram
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2023-10-31 17:49:22
Hey Nicegrammers!

We’ve been brewing up a cauldron of cool new features that’ll make your chats magical.

Spread the Halloween spirit! Download Nicegram, share the fun with your pals, and dive into a cauldron full of cool features and wicked updates

Don’t be a zombie! Stay alive with us, and keep an eye out for more bewitched goodies coming your way. You don’t wanna miss it!

Download, share, and let's get this ghostly party started!

Let’s make it un-boo-lievably awesome with Nicegram!
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2023-10-26 17:24:27
Share your funniest LilyAI story

Have you met Lily's funnier side? Dive into a world of giggles with our chatbot's latest features!

Create a laugh-out-loud story with the amusing side of AI and share your wittiest one with us in the comments!

The story that tickles our funny bone the most will get a special shout-out on our channel!

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2023-10-24 17:36:59
Dive into the AI Revolution with TwinGPT!

Ever dreamt of having your own personalized AI that can earn for you? With TwinGPT, it's not just a dream anymore!

Introducing AI creation using Nicegram Messenger — a platform powered by Telegram API:

Craft your unique AI Twin.
Customize it to your liking.
Personalize its traits: from humor to life perspectives.
List it on the Nicegram Marketplace and earn in $NICE.

Monetize your personalized AI Twin!
Engage with users, provide unique interactions, and accumulate $NICE rewards

Eager to learn more and get started?
Join our TwinGPT chat now and be part of the AI transformation!
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2023-10-22 18:55:50
We love your feedback!

Reading your reviews, feedback, and suggestions truly warms our hearts

Your insights guide us towards making Nicegram even better.
So please, keep those thoughts coming our way!

Ready to experience limitless connections?

Download Nicegram today!

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