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"Nicegram" Telegram Channel

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Best iOS Telegram Fork. Fast, secure and nice messaging app. Imagine the mix of powerful Telegram API, careful code optimization and unique features that deliver a whole new level of experience you can’t refuse!

Source code: https://github.com/nicegram

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2021-02-01 19:20:11
Picture 1 from Nicegram 2021-02-01 19:20:11
🔐 Privacy. Transparency. Nicegram.

In 2021 Nicegram reveals main idea of the app once again - always respect your users, as it done by Telegram

Any updated to iOS 14.4 device will now show you that
Data Not Collected
by Nicegram on the AppStore page.
(It was always stated in Privacy Policy btw.)

For more technically inclined users, there’s source code available for inspection and contribution.
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2021-01-31 15:43:04 Nicegram now supports 7.4.1 sources with Chat History Import from other messengers, Voice Calls Volume adjustments, tiny VoiceOver improvements and more!
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2021-01-15 12:00:47 ❄️ Nicegram 7.3.1 updated in AppStore
Reimplemented classic Nicegram features and added some more!

- [Premium] Jump to last selected folder after app restart
- Show Profile ID for users/groups/channels.
- Pull down settings menu to see your own ID
- Approximate Registration Date with improved algorithm for users & bots.
- Send messages with "Enter" keyboard button
- Start Round Video with Rear camera
- Mute chat options for 1, 4, 8, 24 and 48 hours
- Keep Media up to 1 hour, 1 day or 3 days
- Hide phone number in settings
- Instant Passcode/Face ID/Touch ID lock
- Hide other Account name in Notification (for multiple accounts)
- Bugfixes as well :)

Subscribe to @nicegramapp for updates and Premium giveaways!
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2021-01-13 16:49:56 🔹 Beta update!
Here in Russia (and part of Europe) we're celebrating Old New Year on January 14

It's also a good time to review some old & gold Nicegram features everyone loves!

Nicegram Beta 7.3.1
Download Beta, Free slots available!
Changelog in next post
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2021-01-01 22:37:06 🔵 New Year is always a time to set up the goals for future, but also a good opportunity to look back at how it started.

I've shared the beginning of Nicegram story to Guys from Techtracker. Take a look and have a chance to obtain Premium promocode :)

🎁 Here's also some promocodes from me:

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2020-12-31 20:00:09 🍊 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you for your love and support.

Nicegram 7.3 update with Voice Chats and bugfixes is already released. And later on there will be some more updates with improved Nicegram premium functionality!

🎁 Here’s a small gift - Nicegram Premium promocodes.


More are coming soon on a first weeks of January. Enable notifications to do not miss them!
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2020-11-09 17:35:07 Смена мобильного номера и удаление аккаунта только с кодом двухфакторной авторизации

Обращение администраторов Telegram-каналов к Павлу Дурову

Двухфакторная авторизация служит для защиты аккаунта и запрашивается при входе в аккаунт, а также передаче каналов и ботов другому аккаунту.

Но не все важные действия защищены. При смене мобильного номера или удаления аккаунта двухфакторная авторизация не требуется. Это создаёт огромный риск при физическом захвате сим-карты или телефона, подмены номера на уровне оператора, задержании администратора, а также изъятии техники.

Администраторы каналов обращаются к Павлу Дурову, с просьбой включить дополнительную защиту.

Список подписавшихся: @d_code,
@Novosty, @tginfo, @nicegramapp, @TG_security, @CatalogTelegram, @MikolaDziadok, @hidemyname_ru, @BelarusTelegram, @seohr, @bel_girls, @telesmmru, @seochat, @zabynet, @wakeup_bel, @movaby, @netpost, @smmtg, @new_vitebsk, @ideas97pro, @rybalou, @belmne, @MarshalC, @radio97ch, @muzskarb, @emigration97pro, @blogmarreti.

Для присоединения к обращению пишите в @tginfochat.
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2020-11-09 17:34:56 Proposal to improve behaviour of mobile number change and account deletion for two-factor auth protected accounts

channel administrators address this message to Pavel Durov

Two-factor authorization serves to protect your account and is requested when you log into your account, as well as transfer channels and bots to another account.

But not all important actions are protected. Two-factor authorization is not required to change a mobile number or delete an account. This creates a huge risk in the physical arrest of a SIM card or phone, substitution of the number at the operator level, detention of the administrator, as well as the seizure of equipment.

Channel administrators ask Pavel Durov to enable additional protection.

List of signers: @nicegramapp @tgtitan @tginfoen

Sign via @tginfochaten
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2020-11-09 17:34:56 🔐 Nicegram is not only about nice iOS client. It's also about security and privacy. Share posts below (english and russian) to improve Telegram security!
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2020-11-03 10:24:40 Nicegram now supports 7.2 sources including Pinned Messages 2.0, Improved Live Locations, Playlists and More!
Bugfix for messages translator included.

Download https://apps.apple.com/app/nicegram/id1457369322
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2020-10-29 21:33:14 Nicegram Proxy will shutdown on 1st November 2020
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2020-10-06 21:01:30 🌐 Nicegram Proxy - activate ⬅️ App may show high ping, because proxy uses FakeTLS technology. [!] PROXY WILL SHUT DOWN ON 1st November 2020
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2020-10-02 10:55:14 🔷 Nicegram Update in AppStore Based on 7.0.1 sources, including videocalls and more. Now up to 10 accounts, synced folders and updated chat unblock method. New Apple Watch app included 😎 Nicegram Premium is available with 50% DISCOUNT ⭐️ Full release notes…
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