Hey Nicegrammers. We will give away $1000! We hope you are exc | Nicegram

Hey Nicegrammers. We will give away $1000!

What are we going to pull out of our magic hat this time? Oh! We found some delicious treats ! Come on, we'll let you get a taste.

We hope you are excited as us right now . YOU can participate to the Nicegram project and get awesome rewards. This time two lucky people will have a chance to win 500 USDT each (more information about what USDT is can be found here). If you think you are dreaming; you are not! We are really giving away 1000 USDT!

You don't even have to be a programmer, just give your creativity free rein. The contest task is quite simple: Create a tutorial about a Nicegram feature. No matter the format (text, photo or video), if we love it, you will be rewarded for it. There are no limits to your creativity.
Just express yourself!

But how exactly does it work? — We'll show you in three steps!
Step : Create the tutorial about a Nicegram feature of your choice.
Step : Upload it to public places like forums, Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Step : Submit the link to your creation using the form below:
• https://forms.gle/mnT4nJNVStyRYfV27

Our Nicegram Community Team will then review all submissions most thoroughly and award the top two entries with 500USDT each.

The deadline for entries is September the 30th. We hope this will be enough time for a lot of creativity.

We're super thrilled about your submissions and can't wait to see how YOU present the features WE have built.

Until then,
Good luck and a lot of success!

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