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Logo of telegram channel pilotblog — Denys Davydov
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My aviation and personal life!

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2023-09-26 23:44:20
35.2K viewsDenys Davydov, 20:44
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2023-09-26 23:43:12
That is why there where many people on the gas station. People are leaving Nagorno-Karabakh now…
35.6K viewsDenys Davydov, 20:43
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2023-09-26 23:30:57
Soon there will be good news from the front - the spokesman of the Defense Forces Shtupun.

"The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is working, and the occupiers are trying to replenish their losses. The enemy is pulling up reserves because it is afraid of a breakthrough."
38.1K viewsDenys Davydov, edited  20:30
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2023-09-26 23:15:02
A powerful explosion occurred at a gas station in Karabakh: at least 125 people were killed, hundreds were injured, - Ministry of Health of Armenia

According to local media reports, a tank previously exploded at a gas station, from which people traveling to Armenia refueled their cars. The gas station is located outside the city.

Very sad…
41.3K viewsDenys Davydov, 20:15
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2023-09-26 22:50:08 From the Ruzzian channels:

There is a sharp escalation of the situation on the Zaporozhye front: Ukrainian troops have gone on the offensive,” Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the Ruzian administration of the region.

“After a massive artillery barrage, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an assault on our positions in the Rabotino-Verbovoe sector of the Orekhovsky direction of the Zaporozhye Front,” he added.

Could be interesting Maybe Ukraine wants to break the frontline with one major push…
45.7K viewsDenys Davydov, 19:50
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2023-09-26 22:36:45 I am not asking you to get the premium account on Telegram

Just boost me if you already have it. If we don’t reach the goal there will be no stories here. But I have some on my Instagram ( but they are not war related). Here will be only stories about the war topic.
47.7K viewsDenys Davydov, 19:36
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2023-09-26 22:24:59 Here is more explanation from the telegram owner:
49.7K viewsDenys Davydov, 19:24
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2023-09-26 18:55:24 Ukrainian officials seems to step behind a little with that information. Yesterday they were sure about it. Here is what they said today:

Clarification of information regarding the destruction of the commander of the Black Sea NAVY

As it is known, 34 officers were killed as a result of a rocket attack on the headquarters. According to the sources, among the dead was the commander of the military air force. Many still have not been identified due to the disparity of body fragments.

Since the Ruzzian side was urgently forced to publish an answer with an apparently living Sokolov - our units are clarifying the information. This happens within the procedure for collecting data on the results of the operation.
67.6K viewsDenys Davydov, 15:55
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2023-09-26 18:51:34
The Russian Ministry of Defense published a photo of the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, allegedly taken during a board meeting.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that the admiral was killed as a result of an attack on Sevastopol.

The commander on the video didn’t say anything.

Could it be the misinformation from Ukrainian officials? Or the video is old? Tell me in the comments
67.9K viewsDenys Davydov, 15:51
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2023-09-26 18:39:00
"SVO" (Special Military Operation) in Ukraine will last at least until 2025, - Shoigu

“The consistent implementation of activities and activity plans until 2025 will allow us to achieve our goals” Shoigu said
68.3K viewsDenys Davydov, edited  15:39
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