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Logo of telegram channel priceactionexpert — PRICE ACTION EXPERT
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2024-02-08 21:19:07
20.8K views18:19
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2024-02-07 20:22:55

nifty50 time cycle date was feb 1,
its high and low acts as strong zones for future market!
number cycle confluence ...
#nifty #nifty50 #banknifty #trading #priceaction #stocks #stockmarkets
21.0K views17:22
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2024-02-03 02:55:02

join the discuss group for discussions
many in this channel are not part of the group
do join it..u will get daily discussions and updates for free here....
21.9K views23:55
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2024-02-02 15:54:56

previous tweet check it and nifty analysis posted check those from opening price tweet
21.5K views12:54
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2024-02-01 17:50:09
stop hunt pattern in recent times
gold simple trap and bounce or manipulation patterns
21.3K views14:50
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2024-01-30 13:16:12
24.7K views10:16
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2024-01-30 13:07:34
Gold forecast analysis
long trend angles and also price it all coincides
along with pattern etc
charts are a bit messy but everything is calculated and drawn perfectly
i have shown multiple angles and price when collides creates a confusion like yesterday market or manipulation and then decides to go up
stop hunt patterns are also posted do check it
24.6K viewsedited  10:07
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2024-01-29 19:39:39
17.5K views16:39
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2024-01-25 23:25:36
12.9K views20:25
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2024-01-19 11:58:11
20.6K views08:58
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