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PTG Projects

Logo of telegram channel ptgprojects — PTG Projects P
Logo of telegram channel ptgprojects — PTG Projects
Channel address: @ptgprojects
Categories: Animals , Automobiles
Language: English
Subscribers: 19.02K
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2023-05-08 17:58:05 Good news everyone!
The streaming bots are almost ready to serve you all again!

Both the premium and the free bots will be ready during this week if all goes well

The premium bots will be deployed first and then I will share the updated free FileStreamingBot which will be must faster and better

But due to the high costs, I might have to add some restrictions. I will try to keep it with as little restrictions as I can.

Any questions? Reply back to this message in the support group
2.2K views14:58
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2023-03-27 19:04:02
3.4K views16:04
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2023-03-27 19:04:02
3.4K views16:04
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2023-03-27 19:04:01
3.5K views16:04
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2023-03-27 19:04:01 Opening up advertisements and collaboration opportunities

Hi guys,
So recently my hosting provider added a limit to the free bandwidth that I can use per bot. This means that I need to pay for the bandwidth used in streaming.
As you can see from the screenshots, just @FileDownloadLinkBot has consumed almost 2TB of bandwidth.

I am planning to move the bots to a different server. However, it will cost me $25 per month to host one bot there.

This means that I will have to pay $25 per month for each bot to run.

I need your help in achieving this target of reaching $25 per month for 1 bot. This comes to $75 per month since I have 3 bots.

I am offering the chance to collaborate or post advertisements through my bot. There are three options for advertisements

Show a short ad message before the link message (added screenshot)
Forced subscription to channels and groups
Broadcast ad messages to all users of the bots
Show advertisement on the streaming page

If you have any other thing in mind, I am up for that too.

I am also open to someone else acquiring the project and making it available for the users without many changes.

Some data about the bot
Total users on Telegram: 1,14,033
Last month's page views for @FileDownloadLinkBot: 16k

Message me on @yoptgyo_bot if you have any plans/want to collaborate.
3.6K views16:04
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2023-03-12 09:25:22 Good news

Launching a new download link bot: @FileDownloadLinkBot

High speed download (Upto 20Mbps)
No limit on number of files sent
Get link instantly

Try out @FileDownloadLinkBot

I will update @FileStreamingBot and @PublicDownloadLinkBot with the same code if this bot is working great
1.4K views06:25
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2022-10-29 17:26:14 Update to @FileStreamingBot and @PublicDownloadLinkBot

Updated to the latest Telegram layer. Both the bots should give you download links for files >2GB as well.

Let me know if you face any issues.
3.8K viewsedited  14:26
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2022-02-15 07:14:53 Fixed issues with @FileStreamingBot and @PublicDownloadLinkBot
- You can now download and stream files without any issues.
Let me know if you still face any problems
1.3K views04:14
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2022-02-13 09:40:23 Update for @ImgWatermarkBot
Bug fix: Using it in a channel does not remove the caption now
1.2K views06:40
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2022-01-22 19:32:04 Update for @ImgWatermarkBot !

- Now set the position of your watermark that will be visible on the image

- The transparency command works more efficiently now

- Faster than before

Remember that it is possibly the only watermark bot that works like this in your channels too! Use the commands in your channel to set it up

Let me know if you face any issues
529 viewsedited  16:32
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