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Logo of telegram channel talks — TALKS
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Personal blog about freedom, self development, business, politics and philosophy.
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2022-08-11 00:28:07 I love my work. What could be more exciting than improving the way hundreds of millions of people communicate? Members of our team, myself included, must be some of the luckiest people alive.

The only thing that we find discouraging is that we're often unable to distribute the new versions of Telegram due to the obscure "review process" imposed on all mobile apps by the tech monopolies.

For example, our upcoming update – which is about to revolutionize how people express themselves in messaging – has been stuck in Apple's "review" for two weeks, without explanation or any feedback provided by Apple.

If Telegram, one of the top 10 most popular apps globally, is receiving this treatment, one can only imagine the difficulties experienced by smaller app developers. It's not just demoralizing: it causes direct financial losses to hundred of thousands of mobile apps globally.

This harm goes on top of the 30% tax Apple and Google take from app developers – which, according to them, is supposed to pay for the resources needed to review apps. The regulators in the EU and elsewhere are slowly starting to look into these abusive practices. But the economic damage that has already been inflicted by Apple on the tech industry won't be undone.
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2022-08-08 17:36:07 Apparently there's a massive banking crisis in China that is being developed in the last 6-8 months.
Xi is definitely under pressure...
We tend to think that China is unified, but there seems to be a great struggle going on in Politburo for the party secretary seat.
Last week's Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is part of this Big Game.
It's going to be interesting to watch
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2022-08-06 15:27:36 Nancy Pelosi put Xi and pressure with her trip to Taiwan ahead of the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party that is going to happen in November of this Year.

Would Xi still stay in power next year?
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2022-08-03 22:29:40
Usup Temirhanov - hero of Chechnya and whole of Caucasus. Those who know, know!
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2022-07-17 17:33:32 If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.

Ludwig Wittgenstein
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2022-07-15 12:40:55

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2022-07-01 18:20:05 Whole world now has to learn what is inflation.

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2022-06-23 02:09:02 I subscribed to Telegram premium as soon as it was launched. To me this app is invaluable, $6 month to have private communication(and bunch of other cool features) is a bargain.
As Durov wrote in his last post that 3% of users can support Telegram.
I feel honored to give to pay back the team that has given be opportunity to speak freely with my friends and family without risk of my private conversations being exposed.
I don't break any laws, but I hate the fact that some sociopath in law enforcement can use my conversations against me.

My best wishes to @telegram team from grateful client !
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2022-06-15 19:15:17 My guilty pleasure... Beavis and Butt-Head are going to be back !
There's something comforting watching two absolute idiots prediction they're probably not going to be able to score again

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2022-05-23 16:18:42 Apparently crypto winter is here.

Anyone who's been through previous winters knows that it's going to be long. If you're currently own crypto be prepared to see your portfolio obliterated with 95-98% loses in the next 2-3 years.
However some projects(not all) will survive and bounce back higher than what u paid for them. You will exit with some profit(not a fortune), some white hair, lots of knowledge and cool stories to tell
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