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Logo of telegram channel therock — therock
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Dwayne Johnson TheRock (Дуэйн Джонсон)

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2018-11-23 14:05:14 @therock and his friend @kevinhart4real two great friends and two great actors! It was a pleasure to pay homage to them with a nice design of them in Springfield! #thesimpsons #therock #kevinhart #the_johnson_rock
3.5K views11:05
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2018-11-22 08:22:52 break the MF’s out and finish this chest training strong.
If you’re like me and have to work Thanksgiving weekend, then use this pre workout to set your tone for the rest of your working weekend.
Create that momentum.
I’m also wear testing this new bad ass breathable HARDEST WORKER IN THE ROOM t-shirt from my next new #ProjectRock collection drop with @underarmour coming this spring. I’m also offering the new “DJ Cut” where the shirts are already cut for you in my style that I cut mine. You guys have been trying to cut the shirts yourselves and ruining them, then blaming me , so now I’ll pre cut them for you — another thing you can be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
You’re welcome
Background .. if you know, you know.
#WhereYouFrom #IronParadise #HardestWorkerInTheRoom
3.1K views05:22
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2018-10-15 10:36:36 On JANUARY 2ND at 8PM on @NBC our TITAN GAMES debuts.
This athletic competition series is made of my DNA.
A reflection of my passions.
The struggles I’ve experienced.
The disciplines I believe in.
The core belief that our fate lies within our own two hands.
Blood. Sweat. Respect.
The first two you give.. the last one you earn.
Welcome to the epic TITAN ARENA, where Titans aren’t born - they’re made.
3.2K views07:36
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2018-07-12 08:25:05
4.1K views05:25
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2018-07-12 08:24:56 Rollin’ to my SKYSCRAPER premiere.
The gimmick I have attached to my hoo hah back there, is a one of kind very advanced CIA device that sends neutron pulsars to my bloodstream that actually keep me operating a very high level when..... I’m kidding, that’s bullshit, it’s just a battery pack for my microphone.
Let’s go to work.
3.9K views05:24
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